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Ban This Filth. Barbara, Jill and Brenda

Welcome to my small tribute page to a little known TV program - Ban This Filth. I say little known because only 1 series of 6 shows has aired so far and it is rather difficult to track down on the net in the form of a torrent or other means.

It was a spoof documentary where 3 concerned pensioners; Barbara, Jill and Brenda campaign to arrest Britain's moral decline all from the comfort of Barbara's cottage.

It's a refreshing twist on the Eurotrash format of program. The presentation style and hearing old ladies talking about sex and swearing is just hilarious.

Series 1 aired between October and November 2004 on Channel 4 at 23:05 and there are high hopes for another series listening to the comments from Barbara in the last episode.

They seek out what is depraved, inappropriate and smutty and in order to warn us of the filth contained they expose it to us.

In addition to their pursuit of a smut free Britain other campaigns are ongoing. The recent craze of Dogging (where strangers in cars have sex with each other) has offended the ladies greatly and they have worked hard all series by writing letters to councils asking them to erect anti-dogging signs in an effort to put and end to this vile practice.

Paris Hilton's DVD release was targeted for the UK and the ladies are working hard to ban the film "One Night in Paris".

Viewers are encouraged to watch the filth that is exposed to us then write and complain about it in order to support the campaign. If you would like to get in touch with the show follow the links at the bottom of the page or alternatively click here.

I'm hoping to add to this section of the site if and the show returns. For the moment you will find some background information, desktops, sounds and clips.

Ban This Filth Team




She is the chairwoman of the Ban This Filth Campaign. In the FAQ on the official website - she started the campaign when she heard someone say the word "sod" on television. She is very pleased that their campaign has the backing of Channel 4 as she believes them to be one of the worst offenders for the broadcasting of filth.

"We scour the depths of the world's depravity and when we find something dreadful we strive to ban it and we make our case eye-poppingly graphic clips"



Brenda watches filth for 18 hours per day. She monitors the world of filth by scouring the internet, DVD's, video tapes and other mediums to find the most appalling things to warn us about. Viewers themselves submit filth for Brenda to be appalled by and to then warn other viewers by showing them.



Jill goes abroad in search of foreign filth. When filth is created by foreigners and discovered she will investigate and will issue travel warnings allowing you to avoid it particularly in those destinations which are easy to reach.

She also warns us about those dirty DVD's that contain filth for you to avoid by showing you clips of exactly what kind of filth they contain.

Dear Concerned Briton,

You will no doubt be aware of our Ban This Filth campaign, in which Jill, Brenda and I attempt to turn back the tide of filth and indecency which threatens to wash over our nation like an obscene tidal wave. If you haven't heard of us, visit for more information.

Good news! Channel 4 has thrown its weight behind our crusade by giving us our own show, starting tonight at 11.05pm. Each week we'll be giving you:

Please forward this email to ten similarly concerned citizens and together we can stop the spread of this (frequently German) muck in our society.

Thank you for your interest and support,

Ban This Filth!


Chairwoman, Ban This Filth

Letter obtained from

Media and Stuff

Video Clips

The following short clips are encoded in Windows Media Video 9 format. They show the point the campaign is trying to make. Click on the image or the link to play. If you can not read them but really want them please e-mail me. You can download the codec from here.

Windows Media Series 9
Ban This Filth Clip

Opening Sequence

Ban This Filth Clip

Barbara's Guide to filth

Ban This Filth Clip

Filth In Your Backyard

Ban This Filth Clip

A Warning

Ban This Filth Clip

Smut in TV Programs

Ban This Filth Clip

About the "L" Word

Ban This Filth Clip

Stag Do's

Ban This Filth Clip

Filthy Jewellery

Ban This Filth Clip

About The Post

Ban This Filth Clip

Jill not amused

Sound Clips

The following sound clips are in MP3 format. They feature Barbara and Jill describing a few things as well as the theme of the show. Click on the speaker or the link to play.

Ban This Filth Sound Clip

Ban This Filth Theme

Ban This Filth Sound Clip

"watch this and fume"

Ban This Filth Sound Clip

"some kind of f@#king queer cop?"

Ban This Filth Sound Clip

"Max Power..."

Ban This Filth Sound Clip

Jill Reads a complaint

Ban This Filth Sound Clip

Jill issues travel a warning

Desktop Images

Some images of the Ban This Filth logo for you to use as desktop wallpapers in JPEG format. Click on the link to open then save the image or right click the link and select "Save Target As". You might need to convert them to a bitmap depending on what OS you run.

Ban This Filth Wall Paper


Ban This Filth Wall Paper



Ban This Filth - Official Website

The official website of the campaign. Here you can find out the latest news, read a FAQ and inform Barbara of any filth that you have discovered. There is a newsletter that you can subscribe to.

Ban This Filth at Channel 4

A small description of the program at Channel 4s website.


Makers of Ban This Filth

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