4th March 1996

This morning choosing my perfectly co-ordinated garments took 6 seconds longer than usual which totally shook my morning rota completely which is appalling as I had to cut out a quarter of my breakfast time to make up for it. I thought a further punishment was needed due to this incident so I had a three second spell on the electrodes which I thought was just about adequate for the crime.

My journey to school was completely perfect until two appalling children stepped out in front of me at the school gates. This wasted precious time which I had to make up by running through the corridor, however, I soon realised it was the wrong thing to do. So for this exceedingly bad crime I think the punishment should be quite severe. After careful consideration I have decided that it must be a multiple punishment. Firstly I must go without breakfast for 1.5 weeks exactly. Secondly I have decided that I must read one page less of my present book every night. Finally I have decided I must go without watching the news for one evening which I will not enjoy but must maintain self discipline at all times.

When I sat down to eat my sandwich I realised that the line that I had cut down the centre of it changed course by 10 degrees which was impossible to rectify so to punish myself I threw the sandwich in the bin and used the mobile electrodes in my briefcase for three seconds which was not enough so I did the same again.

My journey home was severely interrupted because when I arrived home I realised that some despicable person had parked across my drive which is disgusting. I immediately found the person responsible for this horrible episode and demanded that they remove their car at once. But to my horror their car had left a patch of oil in the road outside my house. Of course, I immediately scrubbed the road clean and then bleached it. This appalling incident took up so much time I had to stay up 15 minutes later than usual in which I have had to punish myself using the electrodes.

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