8th March 1996

Today I had my new self discipline tools installed into my home. Firstly, I had the my brand new top of the range In-Bath electrodes so I may keep self discipline everywhere in my perfect house. My other new self discipline tool is the new Sit Down Torture Centre. This is the newest and most technological piece of equipment in my perfect house.

My new Torture Centre includes a large cinema screen with a chair including arm, leg and upper body straps to totally secure me when the screen shows the disgusting, foul and dirty film. The film has several settings, ranging from quite minor all the way up to totally disobedient, time-wasting , foul crimes. I am quite sure this will help me keep total obedience.

The installation of my new torture equipment was slightly delayed as the very scruffy workman was over three minutes late. Of course, I deleted the correct percentage from his wages of which he protested greatly but I needed to buy extra cleaning detergents as the man was so filthy.

My first chance to use my new equipment came when I was carrying out my room inspection and I found an appalling three specks of dust on my windowsill which definitely called for the very worst setting. The experience was absolutely horrifying and I will most certainly not let my standards slip so badly again.

Today I have also ordered new In-Car electrodes which I saw in Torturers Weekly so I may now maintain total self discipline even when I am travelling.

Because I had some spear time I decided to visit my quite imperfect sister to see how she is and how dirty her house has become since I last inspected it. I compared the notes from last time to the notes from this time and I noticed there was a slight increase in the cleanliness of the house which I was pleased at. I immediately rang to tell her which did not seem to affect her at all.

The new briefcase electrodes which I ordered over the specified 28 days ago still have not came so I have written a letter to the fair trading standards offices and one to my local MP. I also think it was necessary to punish myself so to test my new bath electrodes I ran a bath and used them.

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