15th March 1996

When I woke up this morning I was still very distressed about the events of the 14th march 1996. This was so much so that I had to have a burst on my bed electrodes which I did several times because after the first I still did not feel up to the day. I carried out my duties perfectly up until when I had to bleach the interior of my car where I accidentally fell out of the car door revealing my knickers to the whole of the neighbourhood which is quite utterly peasantry and I still don't believe that I could do such a thing.

I became so disgusted with myself that I immediately went inside and put my foil-to-spark bra and knickers on and plugged them in. I turned them on and gradually turned up the power. As I nearly got up to full power my knickers caught light with an approximately 5 inch flame which then set light to my bra!!! I panicked severely and I ran outside into the garden where I tried further to put out the flames unsuccessfully.

By that time there was not much left but the foil and a small amount of material so took to the last resort and jumped in my perfectly round pond. As soon as the flames were out I removed myself from my pond and ran into the house nearly naked. I became so distressed that I plugged myself up to my mains electrodes where I punished myself sufficiently.

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