2nd April 1996

This morning I woke in a wonderful mood as I have yet had to use any of my punishment equipment for precisely 18 hours, 34 minutes, 44 seconds, however, whilst I was putting on my perfectly matching garments I noticed that my movement scanner had given a printout which said that I had moved 3mm to the right during the night. This disturbed me as my electrodes did not give me a shock. Because of this I decided to remove this imperfect item from my perfect house. I removed these items from my bedroom wall, took them outside and burnt them. This episode took up so much time that I had to go without breakfast. With no breakfast I had some time left so I sat in silence for the remaining 25 seconds.

I was also very pleased to find that the postman had delivered some of the tests that I had ordered from several foreign countries. When I had opened them I discovered that they were tests from France. As there were more than I anticipated and because I was so anxious to mark them I began to look through them and soon discovered that the French standard is a little higher than that of the British pupils who are not as perfect. Due to this information I have heavily considered moving to France to teach over there, however, I believe that this would be too inconvenient and will totally disrupt every schedule I have.

Daily Report Episode 9

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