Eine Habe My Diary

I have had a most frustrating day!

Being a full time student can sometimes be difficult for me, not on an intellectual level which the vast majority of students struggle with from my observations, instead with the bureaucracy of the university.

I have been conscientiously working on my studies for approximately 2 months now only to discover I can not continue my triumphant rise over a very minor issue of enrolment.

Eager to resolve this I engaged some woman on the helpdesk who argued with me about the first instalment of fees has yet to be paid for. This accusation shocked and appalled me, the use of the word "instalments" in context/relation to myself. This triggered me to say an authoritative "no" only for this person to produce a form which I chose to ignore. It still irritated me so I slammed by hand on the desk

I repeated the word "no" approximately 15 times as fast and my mouth could accommodate. It was necessary for this most basic word to be entered correctly into this female's minute brain. I explained that my mother was a famous writer and my father an experienced educator and that their combined income could probably buy the facility we were both standing in! I also stated this has to be a clerical error of their incompetent department and promptly left. Regardless of the method the fees will be paid. I will have to engage my parents about this situation.

Because of the challenges I face with the general deficiencies and lack of class of there people, I have often thought about creating my own society somewhere that would be isolated from these types of people.

With this situation temporarily on hold I decided not to proceed to the drinking establishment with my associates as they will only want to extract more knowledge from me which I simply was not in the mood to allow. Instead I decided to look for a new novel in preparation for a break I am planning. I would swing by the local town centre on route to home.

Whilst there I decided to instead indulge in some confectionary. I do change my mind often when annoyed so therefore proceeded to Woodwoods. To my surprise the usual young lad, Jeremy (who I have found to be very accommodating) was not working. According to this new woman serving me, she thinks he had actually left to go to university since he was spending much time there lately. I yet again can lay claim to influencing another person to aspire higher through our somewhat personal conversations and based on this news the sense of loss turned to fulfilment raising my mood.

After collecting various sugary goodies I departed in the direction of home. I also got deep into some my current novel (about the two cowboys) along the way finding it somewhat of a struggle to withdraw when I needed to.

My mother, the writer, usually serves an exquisite oriental dish on this night of the week. However, to my bewilderment and second instance of this week alone, no meal had been prepared! This is becoming a habit where my mother is concerned and quickly becoming unacceptable. She was also no where to be seen in the house. I will forgive this as she is almost certainly seeing her publisher; a somewhat important task.

Out of frustration (only) I resorted to a Chou Main from the local take away. Conversely the service from this establishment was several times better than that of the university despite the language barrier.

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