Eine Habe My Diary

I refused to attend the university today since it would be the class in which the lecturer has poor abilities in coping with Welsh students. Even my glorious heritage of being only half Welsh is enough to dismay him it seems. I am assuming it will only be a session for help with the requirements of the coursework so deemed it more worthwhile use of my time to go to the largest book store I could find to purchase an updated thesaurus instead. My version is approx 9 months old!

After a pleasant visit to a large book shop and compiling a list of several more novels to purchase (which I will naturally check for cheaper prices online) it was at this time I also decided to indulge further and go shopping for some new t-shirts.

I visited several shops and tried on several black t-shirt articles varying in style and happily purchased three of which with cash. In each shop the staff was seemingly happy to be serving me and enjoyed my company since there was lots of laughing.

I was not until I was in the last shop that I had an encounter with a stroppy store assistant. I had ran out of cash and taking another trip to the cash point would be inefficient because of my route to the bus stop so I decided to use the credit card, provided by my parents, in case of emergencies. I know this was not strictly an emergency but it was my prerogative to use it.

At first I entered the incorrect pin number a few times.

She then suggested cash as an alternative method of payment and she would hold the items behind the counter whilst I went to get cash. I declared I needed just a few moments to confirm the pin number as there is so much information stored in my brain and I re-iterated that if I had cash I would not be using a card!. Something she clearly could not understand with her Arian (blonde) brain.

Being absolutely sure of the pin number and moreover, to my horror, the credit card, provided by my parents, declined! I simply could not fathom this turn of events!

It was obviously the mistake of this bimbo and she became unnecessarily stroppy with me when I told her she was incompetent. I told her to drop her attitude since all she did was work in a shop. She was never going to reach dizzy heights I was to achieve with my university studies and my intellect. I promptly left the shop before listening to any useless response. Hopefully this torrid event can be brushed away.

I returned home to start the coursework for that previously mentioned class. I am required to prepare a presentation for a fictional business establishment. I have chosen to create a school of masters for Street Fighting which will obviously include me. Naturally I will be using Microsoft PowerPoint and will expect my class associates to be calling me constantly about how to use this.

Tonight I have created my presentation quickly and efficiently by scanning photos from my weightlifting magazines (all in the best possible taste) and touch them up in imaging software giving me plenty to say about them in the presentation as well as including several photos of myself. I will be earning a high mark for this presentation since I have excellent presentation skills.

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