Eine Habe My Diary

For several weeks now I have not attended my street fighting lessons. This has been for several factors, but I will say this is largely because of a groin strain I suffered whilst performing with an older student as well as other commitments.

However, I had another incident whilst travelling about my local area. It seems that I have become a target of abuse simply because I am very very very intellectual.

The episode came about when I was sitting on the bus, in my usual position, top deck and at the very rear reading my latest book. I have recently finished my latest novel (about the cowboys) and instead of launching into another fearful that it may contain similar debauchery, especially of the man on man kind (which I mention here purely as a warning); I decided to read something more intellectual and scientific. The topic at hand was Nuclear Physics. I was progressing through the book quickly since I know most of it anyway only to have my attention diverted when what can only be described as pond life began to board the bus; something happening with alarming frequency lately and much more than I would like. The thought of this uneducated riff-raff getting closer to the area where I live makes me feel sick.

After several minutes of shouting and laughing, they began to throw pieces of paper at me including used tickets of all things and ask what were frankly early secondary school level maths and science questions! Knowing the correct answers should have doused their willingness to annoy me but they became more hyper-active and intolerable with each answer I gave them. I found this reaction to be unfathomable.

As they were leaving the bus 2 of them grabbed me from the seat behind. I prepared to fight them firstly thinking I was going to loose my Ipod or my glasses. I shouted “No!” many times only for one of the swine's to remove my book from my palms and launched it out of the window into the wind and rain! Whilst I secured my bag to my body they ran off the bus.

I demanded the driver wait and I left the bus pursuing them but I found my boots were not compatible with that type of pavement making me slow so they managed to get away. I was very angry. This incident would not have occured if I were in charge of the country! The book can be replaced but the damage to the image of my neighbourhood may not.

This encounter has triggered me to increase my street fighting training from now on should I encounter more despicable denizens.

So today, I attended a session and now confident that I have returned to be the most formidable of the entire group. The instructor is consistently telling me to hold back a little. It is clear that through almost 20 years of training he is skilled in the application of violence and I can say that within 6 months of taking lessons that his skills has been perfectly transferred onto me.

There was an exercise which called for people in the class to select a partner. Obviously everyone avoided me no doubt because of my superior abilities. As people paired off I had to go find myself an assailant. The exercise called to be able to block as many incoming attacks as possible and respond as quickly and effectively as possible.

The assailant launched and then continued an attack upon me which had no effect. I had no choice but to perform a devastating combination of moves in order to repel them. I did this successfully thus defeating them. The instructor, whilst concerned for this person I just laid waste to, again suggested I hold back in the application of my skill and I received a stern warning which actually pleased me.

After class however, as I left the building, I was approached by a very angry woman. Apparently I caused the assailant so much distress that they will not be able to attend school tomorrow and he would miss his class assembly. I explained that street fighting is highly dangerous and should be taken with great consideration and certainly not for the weak. I also explained how her judgement must also be appalling. She went on to call me many offensive names which I ignored and she warned me to watch myself; which is just generally good advice and actually the reason I was attending the class. Confusing!. I retorted how my skills as a street fighter will protect me and the fact that she was moaning at me and about them proves it! I believe that at least 50% of this attack was sexually motivated since she had the look and tone of a single mother.

With my return-to-class victory slightly tainted I returned home. Since my Nuclear Physics study was cut short I will study something more important about my home country of Germany.

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