Eine Habe My Diary

Today we had the lecture for the Networking module, a topic in which I dominate with distinction. I know this since I am naturally blessed with a gift in this field. In this class especially I have now noticed I should help my class associates much more of the time.

The lecture then proceeded into discussing how networks can be designed via a top down method. I however prefer the alternative bottom up approach!

Whilst I clearly do not necessarily need to attend these sessions - I do so that I may argue with the lecturer in an academic way which I know he enjoys, and for me makes the sessions more pleasing.

I have found this lecturer to be adequate in his knowledge although I can find him to be quite annoying. He strongly promotes the use of ‘trigger words’ as a way of learning and his teachings are laced with them. Obviously, these have no effect on me since I can not be controlled others. At the end of several sessions with him I can safely say I have not been triggered by any of his words in any way.

My arguments have triggered further conversations out of class which allowed us to bond cross-culturally. This came about in a conversation about smashing bricks using ones own body when I revealed I was an accomplished street fighter.

I told him I relented practicing such destruction purely because I would be letting my vast array of class associates down if I injured myself and was unable to carry them through this demanding period. They rely on me completely to get them through their coursework since I always achieve higher marks than them. He is pedantic and attempts to be humorous which is tolerable, however, I obviously find his humour (along with other peoples) needing more work to actually be funny.

For this lecture the breakdown was as follows:

122 uses of the word 'yeah' (at various speeds and pitch)
At least 5 technical errors
2 bad jokes
1 potentially racist remark
And most seriously a student making a serious insult regarding my homeland Wales.

Whilst this was appalling however, it more importantly revealed that there is another person in the class claiming to be Welsh! I believe by the name 'Oddy' (not very Welsh I have to say). This came about as he objected (and rightly so) to the slur on my homeland comparing it to a 3rd world country and there is no technology (for Internet access) available there - which is preposterous! I have used the Internet to connect with many Welshman!

His associates also found the slur amusing but moreover how dare this person claim to be 100% Welsh! I am the only Welshman in the university! The discrimination of me in the recent set of module results was proof! The lecturer then congratulated him on his recent results! Obviously I have been discriminated against for not being 100% welsh! This conclusion naturally triggered a very bad mood.

He later made a reference to a technical drawback within the network at the university. Well this triggered me to alert him of the superiority of the design as part of my project I had made for the networking at Jason Mega College in which he totally disagreed with for reasons which to me were just not relevant.

He then went on to spout about the use of a demilitarised zone; a very very very technical concept in networking and beyond many of the student in the class I would have thought. Mr Watto's interpretation was laughable at best. I disagreed knowing how it should be implemented at Jason Mega College. Not letting this go unchallenged it triggered me to argue with him.

Whilst trying to express his points he repeated the word 'yeah' at the end of each sentence which I found extremely annoying especially when he began flapping his arms! This triggered the repeated use of the word "no" to disagree with him which obviously I did much faster in order to defeat him.

The session triggered me to find out more about this Welshman impersonator. I lead my associates to the drinking establishment (pub) and whilst I could not find him Knowsit commented on my debate about how wrong Mr Midgey, the lecturer, made me look which triggered a further bad mood that then triggered me to offer a challenge at a game of Pool in which I technically won.

I was beginning to get annoyed and left as soon as etiquette saw fit. I sighted the reason being a oboe lesson.

These irritations triggered me to research some advanced networking issues (for clarification only) which I then emailed to the lecturer and my class associates to help with their education.

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