Eine Habe My Diary

The hand-in date for our most significant piece of work is approaching. Most people (obviously) are struggling. Yesterday, Watto was whining to Knowsit about his dissertation implying he is not having help. He ranted something absurd about how his tutor has two times for availability saying something crass like (which I will paraphrase) "he'll be damned if he's going to stand by and watch while his long hard project slides into failure just because she has both her openings filled!"

I find it comforting this arrogant arsehole is encountering difficulties. Clearly he has attempted to show off to me and it has blown up in his face! This is the kind of thing that happens when you believe yourself to be superior. I manage to see my tutor regularly and have informed him of how I manage to outperform all of my associates all of the time. I would never ask for his help.

After completing my dailies I was lying in bed thinking about how well my own dissertation was proceeding whilst planning the next day. I then began thinking about Thom and then he phoned! I have often laid awake at night thinking about him (more so since he is no longer with his girlfriend) and sometimes I have even dreamt about him!

He had a question about Microsoft Word (a simple application) regarding the use of the Thesaurus (Shift+F7) - a word in which I informed him on several occasions how to pronounce correctly. After telling him about the new updated Thesaurus that I had recently bought it was obvious, however, from the sound of his voice it was a smokescreen and he was struggling severely with his work.

So based on that call, naturally it will be up to me (again) to help him and no doubt everyone through this period. I suggested that we alone meet up the next day for lunch. Initially he repeated the heinous suggestion of MacDonald’s and I had to tell him off again repeating the issues. Curses! I will not EVER consume food in a MacDonalds restaurant!

Instead I directed him to an intimate Chinese establishment called 'Retro China' approximately 4 kilometres from the university campus.

I awoke this morning feeling positive and more energetic than usual. After showering I rubbed myself down with my Chinese invincibility herb oils I use for my street fighting lessons and decided that I would forgo wearing my glasses (which give me superior vision) and make like the rest of the students for once and wear contact lenses instead. I also wore a figure hugging top and my new shiny jacket; an impulse buy of sometime ago with no reason to benefit from wearing it until now.

The meal was exquisite and Thom was mighty impressed by the establishment. We discussed the annals of our workload. Specifically he seemed to be panicking greatly over his literature review. I believed he had tried to consult too many sources. Since we are computing students I did not see how this could be relevant. We should be working online in a cloud. I further stated that there is no way to tell if such a chapter was missing from his dissertation if he had never meant to include it anyway. Impressed by my reasoning he became more relaxed. I have corrected and directed him regarding issues of presentation (font etc) and reminded him there is plenty of time remaining so he will no doubt now be successful

We started our ride towards the university together and our conversation was broken due to silly giggling from girls sitting behind us! Unfortunately (and annoyingly) this only got worse. Another girl boarded whom I recognised as the incompetent blonde in the shop from where I tried to purchase new black t-shirts some weeks ago as my memory is outstanding. She then went and joined the 'gigglers' behind us!

I simply could not believe what I just witnessed. What were the chances of these three horrible, loud females knowing each other? One of them approached and asked if I remembered dancing with her from the Carnage. Thom looked surprised and I believe somewhat upset. I promptly responded with "no!" (several times for clarity) as I would never have danced with someone of such loose morals even though she claims otherwise.

Thom had excused himself and moved a few seats away in order to answer a phone call. It was at this point that more intense laugher and giggling started to flow from their direction and I instinctively felt I was being made a mockery of. After several seconds I inserted my earphones but, oh my lord the battery on my I-pod ran low cutting off my Dolly Parton songs and then I was forced to endure this prolonged session of giggling and cavorting for approximately 20 minutes until I got off at the university.

It is moments like this that make me seriously think about creating my own society where this sort of behaviour would be illegal with sufficient punishments.

But, oh my lord, they also got off at the university also! I was beginning to feel stalked! Thankfully they proceeded into a different building whereas we naturally headed directly for the computing labs.

Because I could not focus on my music and knowing they are no doubt still stalking me I therefore did not get the intended work completed after being distracted by such appalling examples of womanhood.

Episode 16

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