Eine Habe My Diary

Sing Hosannas! I can report that the last coursework assignment for university has now been submitted! For the final time I decided to submit this piece of work on time -for irony. And I can sit back and await the failure of my class associates since I did not on this occasion help them through what was, on the surface, a tricky piece of work.

The assignment involved the myriad of issues surrounding IT Professional Practice. For the most part, the work simply asked for a series of well defined opinions….so that is exactly what they got. Plentiful descriptions (naturally smashing the set word limit) as to why I would make (and to some degree already am) a superior person within IT.

Marrion will obviously fail since, as a female, how could she possibly justify herself being in any IT role? I would not be surprised if her answers were obstreperous, feminist and carnal.

However, I report that most bizarrely I received no pleading for help from my class associates for this piece of work. On the afternoon before the morning of submission I encountered Mr 'Watto', Knowsit and Marrion in the drinking establishment. Thom was strangely absent from this threesome. Upon hearing "watto" from Leo (that man should really try to vary his attempts at talking to me) it was obvious to me that they were drowning their sorrows since they were drinking (Leo most heavily) and mocking (though I say complaining about) the said piece of work. I concluded they were in desperate need of help in order to complete this work to some standard. For the final time I prepared myself to intervene on their behalf.

I announced that my work was undergoing final checks to ensure superiority and will be submitted on time. They had a look of concern on their face, though it is probably safe to say this was more dread as they probably all came to the same conclusion I did. They will now no longer be able to rape my piece to improve their own once it has plummeted into the submissions box of no return.

However, they revealed that their work had already been submitted that afternoon! It was also revealed that Thom had submitted his work some four days early since he did not want to attend the university unless it was absolutely necessary. After asking why, they eluded to him having gone away with someone.

How was it possible that they managed to complete the assignment? I speculated on the quality of their submissions and I am comfortable that they will fail and this final failure will be engraved deeply into their memories of university, and especially knowing this would have been avoided by simply asking me for help, whereas I normally have to intervene on their own behalves, placing myself between them, only not this time due to workload.

I went home that night discombobulated (that means confused) trying to figure out the logic behind how they dared reject the most valuable assistance they could possibly hope to have especially now.

This insult will not be forgotten when they will be needing assistance for the final two upcoming exams.

Episode 20

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