Still, Sega's mighty white box continues to live on some 5 years after it's official discontinuation.

It was the case that generally it seemed that every new Dreamcast release becomes touted at the last Dreamcast game ever. Fortunately this has not been the case because as soon as a final game is released another is announced. If the trend continues then the DC could well become the next Neo Geo.

New releases are only in Japan at the present so you will need a boot disc or chipped machine if you do not have a Japanese machine already. To obtain any of these titles check out Ebay, Lik-Sang and GOAT Publishing.

On this page are the latest games to grace our beloved white box.

Under Defeat


From the same developers as Border Down comes another shoot'em up direct from the arcades. Under Defeat is a full on, thunderous helicopter shooter in a similar vein to Zero Gunner 2 with the ability to rotate your aircraft.

Full 3D backdrops meet 2D gameplay with super smooth graphics go along with a very fitting soundtrack that compliments the pure old-skool addictive gameplay. Engage ground forces, sea forces and air forces and leave them burning.

Enhancing the arcade port will be options for different displays, practise mode with stage select and saved replays to help improve your gameplay.
Under Defeat - Dreamcast Under Defeat - Dreamcast

The game is also available in a limited edition format which also includes a soundtrack cd, sticker and poster.

This could turn out to be the last official Dreamcast release and what a way to go out. It truly shows how brilliant this system is.

Checkout some videos of the game in action.

Windows Media Video
Under Defeat Video Under Defeat Video Under Defeat Video

Under Defeat Demo 1

Under Defeat Demo 2

Under Defeat Demo 3

For more information checkout the page at Lik-Sang


February saw another old-skool vertical shooter hit the DC ported from the arcades. Whilst the gameplay does not bring anything new to the setup this particular game throws a graphical twist on the genre using cel-shaded graphics. Radilgy

Cool Herders

GOAT Publishing

The object of the game is to round up your wayward sheep by means of your polite powers in this fast paced party game.

The game has a single player story mode, as well as multiplayer party modes (2 and 4 players) with some secrets to be unlocked too.
Cool Herders - Dreamcast Cool Herders - Dreamcast

Cool Herders was an independently developed game and was granted a commercial release because of it’s high quality and at a budget price.

You can buy the game and find out more at the GOAT website.


Trizeal is the latest game for the DC released in April 2005. It is another vertical shooter straight from the Arcades.

Your ship is equipped with multiple weapons that can be combined and powered up along with a devastatingly powerful bomb.
Trizeal (Dreamcast) Trizeal (Dreamcast) Trizeal (Dreamcast)

You can find out more about this game in the Games of The Month Archive and it's official website

Psyvarior 2: The Will to Fabricate

Another vertical shoot em up courtesy of Success. You control a battle MDS (medium drive suit) and utilising the Buzz system you blast through waves and waves enemies in ultra intense on screen action.
Psyvariar 2: The Will to Fabricate Psyvariar 2: The Will to Fabricate

Puyo Puyo Fever

From Sonic Team this is another incarnation of the Puyo Puyo (better known as Dr Robotniks Mean Bean Machine) that has hit just about every gaming system ever released.

The game is 2D at its core with 3D graphics. You match up the coloured gems to make them disappear from your side of the screen before you become full. The fever element allows you to intensely counter attack your opponent when the fever gauge is full.
Puyo Puyo Puyo Puyo Fever

Castle of Shikigami 2

Sega/Alfa System

Is the sequal to the arcade title Castle of Shikigami and is a 2D shoot em up similar to the likes of Ikaruga. It was originally a Naomi arcade title and therefore an arcade perfect version is ported to the DC.

The Dreamcast version has been released in standard and Limited Edition forms with the latter including a soundtrack CD.

The game was also released in the US on the PS2 under the name of Mobile Light Force 2.

Also like with Ikaruga, COS2 has an appreciate DVD showing you how some expert players play the game through.
Castle of Shikigami 2 Castle of Shikigami 2 Castle of Shikigami 2 Appreciate DVD



Baldr Force EXE is an adaptation of the PC game, in which you control robots equipped with over 60 different weapons. The game also contains SLG elements where the player needs to discuss with people to advance in the story. The gameplay has been modified in order to fit the Dreamcast controller and some additional exclusive features.

Chaos Field

Another Naomi title to be ported to the Dreamcast. It is a frantic shootem up with similar traits of Ikaruga and Castle of Shikigami laden with fast graphics and special effects.

This is due for release in December 2004 with a Game Cube version following later.

Chaos Field Chaos Field Chaos Field Chaos Field Chaos Field

Feet of Fury

This game is the first ever game developed by the Home Brew community (fans) to be released as a commercial title.

It is basically a dancing game using a Dance Mat, standard controllers and keyboards.

Hopefully this is the start of some great future Dreamcast releases.
Feet of Fury Feet of Fury
Feet of Fury Feet of Fury


For more on Ikuraga check the web page here.

Border Down

A horizontal shoot emup from G.Rev and a perfect conversion of the Naomi original. Similar in style to the likes of R-Type it is a blend of 2D gameplay and 3D graphics.

Stages have multiple pathways with large bosses to take out. Called the Border system - the route you take through a stage depends on lives, varying difficulty levels and the collection of bonuses.

This version also features a Remix mode which is a more frantic version of the arcade mode with the help of additional power-ups.
Border Down Border Down Border Down


Apart from new releases several older titles are being re-released under a new range called Drekore which are basically budget releases. Examples are King of the Fighters 2002 and Power Stone 2.

Check out import dealers. You can get some of the best Dreamcast games for rock bottom prices.

Screenshots from Lik-Sang