Virtua Fighter 3tb

Virtua Fighter 3tb

Released: Jap, US, Europe and Arcade


Sega AM#2

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The third instalment of Sega’s acclaimed flagship 3D fighting series from AM2. Straight from the Model 3 arcade board Virtua Fighter 3TB was a launch title for the Dreamcast in all territories.

As an opening title for the new console the game displayed what Dreamcast was about – no problem handing conversions from the mighty arcade equivalents with smooth graphics and in-depth gameplay.

The basic gameplay remains relatively unchanged. Games in the VF series are the deepest games you will ever play. When it comes to technique, move combinations, and overall feel, few games can boast the sophistication of VF3's fighting engine.

All the fighters from the previous games returns as well as two new characters; Aoi – a high school student and Taka – a sumo wrestler known for his brutality.

The complete line up is as follows:

Akira Yuki
Jacky Bryant
Pai Chan
Lau Chan
Jeffry McWild
Lion Rafale
Sarah Bryant
Wolf Hawkfield
Taka Arashi
Aoi Umenokouji

All the characters moves are all back including plenty of new ones.

In addition to the defend, punch, kick button system VF3 also adds a new dodge button. By pressing button B characters can shift to the side slightly to evade an oncoming hit and therefore unleash an attack on their opponent. Under some circumstances this can make you vulnerable. Some like the dodge button whilst others preferred the perfection obtained VF2 with no dodge.

‘TB’ in the title refers to Team Battle. As the name suggests you pick a team of 3 fighters to fight against a team of 3 CPU controlled fighters. You can still select classic style matches from the title screen under normal mode. There is no specific Vs mode, however Vs matches can be played with the second player pressing start on their controller.

The other mode available is Training Mode – where you can select an opponent and practice moves against them. This is good as you can choose the difficulty level and every move you make is listed on the screen.

There is also an option to view a movie detailing the history of the Virtua Fighter series as well as an options mode with some settings to tweak.

The game is relatively easily beaten in Arcade mode on normal difficulty. Pressing all the buttons as novice gamers do with this type of game will only get you so far. Upping the difficulty really shows the true nature of VF.

In the audio and graphics departments the game is sound. Not the most impressive on the Dreamcast but matching that of the arcade in most cases. The characters are detailed and animated well. The Japanese version suffers from one or two problems later cleared up for the US and PAL versions.

For some reason the PAL version received borders and ran at 50hz though the official word from Sega was that it was optimised to play at the same speed of the Japanese counterpart.

The lack of additional play modes does harm the game in the lastability department for a single player. Still plenty of fun can be had from Vs matches.

Since VF3 The Virtua Fighter legacy has continued.

Screenshots - Arcade Mode

Virtua Fighter 3TB Virtua Fighter 3TB
Virtua Fighter 3TB Virtua Fighter 3TB
Virtua Fighter 3TB Virtua Fighter 3TB
Virtua Fighter 3tb Virtua Fighter 3TB
Virtua Fighter 3TB Virtua Fighter 3TB

Cheats and Tips

Alternate Costumes

When you are selecting a character, HOLD the start button before you select your character with button A.

Arcade Backgrounds

In training, normal or team battle mode you can change the backgrounds to the original arcade versions by letting the time run out in the stage select screen.

Clean Pause

When the game is paused you see "Player 1 Pause" on the screen. To make it vanish for screenshots or just fun hold down x + Y.

Get hit by the subway train

To do this you have to select a character that can turn his back to his opponent fast, then select the Subway stage (Sarah's). When it says "Fight", turn around quickly and RUN towards the TRAIN. If done correctly you will be smashed like a bug. Now you have lost almost all your energy, one more hit and you’re dead.

Jeffery's Train

Enter training mode, select Jeffry as your character and choose anyone as your opponent. Hold the start button while selecting the desert stage (this gives you the desert with a city background). Perform Jeffery's Toe Kick-Splash Mountain (Down+K - D,DF,F,Guard+Punch). Shortly after the move is performed, a floating Subway train will fly across the sky. Use the Escape button to move around and find it. You may have to perform the move more than once to get it to work.

Metal Pan Revenge

Choose VS mode and have a player choose either Kage or Jackie. Have Kage or Jackie defeat his opponent with a perfect. Immediately after the announcer says "K.O", have hold Guard, Punch, Escape, and Down on the controller, for the victory pose. Your character should give a victory sign, and a metal pan should drop on his head, out of nowhere! This will also work with Jacky.

More Background Codes

When selecting a stage, press and hold: X and then A (usually night) X+start and then A (usually noon)

Pai's secret win pose

Using Pai, you must defeat Akira with a perfect on Akira's stage. If done correctly, Pai will blow a kiss and mock one of Akira's victory taunts.

Play Against the Alphabet Character

To play against the alphabet character in normal mode at the character select screen highlight Akira and press start. Then highlight Lau and press start, finally highlight Pai and hold start and press X. All of your opponents will be replaced by the Alpha bet character.

Play as Alphabet Man
1. Select Normal mode.
2. Highlight Akira and press Start.
3. Highlight Lion and press Start.
4. Highlight Pai and press Start.
Now pick any character and they will be their Alphabet Man version.

Play as Dural in any mode

On the character select screen, Press; Down, Up, Right, Left, Start. Dural will appear and she may be selected normally. Press A for silver Dural, press Start+A to play as Gold Dural.

Gold Dural

Press Start + Y + A at the character selection screen. This only works in Training mode.

Silver Dural

Press Start + X + A at the character selection screen.

Remixed Opening Soundtrack

To change Opening Soundtrack to where you hear alternate music tracks during the games opening cinemas, simply press and hold START on both the first and second player at the screen that shows the Sega logo. Keep holding both start buttons until you hear the music begin to play.

Shun's Snowman

Best used in VS mode...Pick Shun vs any opponent, and select the desert as your background. Here's the tricky part - defeat the opponent, but make sure Shun's back is facing the black part of the sky (the part opposite the sun). If done correctly, when the camera pans around Shun during his win pose, a snowman should appear on the dark side of the background!

Slow Motion Replay

Press and hold the Dodge button at the "KO" screen to receive a replay in slow motion.

Strange Changed Backgrounds

When selecting a stage, hold START and press A. In Team Battle Mode, when selecting a stage, hold down START button until time runs out. If you have used the above code, you will need to restart (START+A+B+X+Y), before this code will work.


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