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“Night Trap is the first CD title with continuous full-motion video and audio. It plays like a movie, with hours of awesome gameplay.”

Night Trap was one of the most infamous games ever. Digital Pictures

The game was developed by Digital Pictures and was the first game to make use of full motion video as the actual game. It also has the distinction as being one of the Mega CD’s launch titles in both the US and Europe.

This game caused enough hassle to warrant the attention of the US government and subsequently the introduction of the first ever game rating system.

Yet despite the reports to the contrary through the efforts of the press and preconceptions among non-gamers, that-really-controversial-yet-harmless-and-crap-actually game is generally regarded as pretty dire and one of the worst of all time irrespective of the drama it caused.

Unfortunately Night Trap was the start of several years of FMV torture which eventually killed the system.

Though the game is not particularly a masterpiece of entertainment, it’s impact can not be underestimated. Plenty of sites on the Internet that will go into great detail about the whole Night Trap saga. It is well worth a look into one of the most bizarre but important times in the history of games.

For one such site check out Defunct Games.


A group of 5 teenage girls have recently disappeared after spending the night at the lakeside residence of a Mr and Mrs Victor-Martin along with their 2 children; Geoff and Sarah. No trace of what happened to them remains.
Mr and Mrs Victor-MartinGeoffSarah

Right now, another group of 5 girls is heading there to spend the night. You mission is to prevent any harming from coming to those girls.

Last night an agent surveyed the house and found a bizarre security system; hidden cameras in almost every room and a series of traps. An override has been planted into the system giving you control.

In addition to this an agent has been placed in the group of girls heading there for the night. Watch for signals from her during the course of the game.

One of the Bin Bags

Be very afraid..


The gameplay to Night Trap is actually pretty limited. For the most part you will be watching the movie window. The gameplay can be described as merely pushing certain same buttons at the right time. Commander Simms

After the game boots up you will be given a briefing by Mr SCAT - Commander Simms of the Sega Control Attack Team. He is the man in charge of the operation and also has an attitude problem.

He outlines the mission and the situation. You can either listen to him and enter the game about 7 minutes in or press start to skip his rant and just straight into the game.

Your function throughout the game is to activate the various traps inside the house to capture the intruders - in this case the bin-bag wearing Ogres (amongst others) - and thus prevent any harm to the newly arrived youthful female objects.
Night Trap Night Trap

Night Trap

This is accomplished via voyeurism, i.e watching the activities of the people in the house on the series of hidden cameras. In addition to seeing them each character has their own theme most noticeably that of the Ogres. When something or someone unsavoury approaches a trap you activate said device at a particular time for it to contain them sometimes including an amusing chain of events. Some rooms have more than one trap.

The D-pad moves your cursor around at the bottom of the screen the 8 rooms of the house with cameras. installed at the bottom of the screen. Your choices are as follows:
Hallway 1 Kitchen Entry Way Living Room

Hallway 1



Living Room

Bathroom Bedroom Hallway 2 Drive Way



Hallway 2

Drive Way

Button A activates the camera in the room you have selected.

Button B activates a trap when possible.

Button C changes the trap access code. If you have the wrong trap code for the system then you will not to be to trap any ogres.

Pressing start will pause the game and also display a map of the house. Map of the House

Traps can only be activated when things are close. This is when the trap sensor approaches red. You will probably be able too see that there is something near by watching the film. Pressing the B button to being the trap sequence at just the right time will most likely never happen so it best to keep pressing as fast as you can.

For this to be possible you will need to know the access code for the traps at all times. This changes at certain points in the game and is random. You will need to listen to the conversations of the people in the house to know what the next code will be. It will be a colour out of the following choices; Red, Green, Orange, Yellow, Purple and Blue.

Possible and Captured indicate the number Ogres that are present in the house. There will always be some bin-bag wearers lurking around the house so they will never be equal. This will go up constantly as the game progresses. When a target enters the house a pop sound will occur.

If your mission fails you will be exited from the game via 2 ways; if you allow too many bin-bags in the house or if any of the girlies come to an unfortunate demise. There are certain points in the game where you must have captured enough intruders or need to take pivotal action. Should you fail you will be ejected. If you are exited you will receive leave with a verbal spanking from Mr SCAT.

The game comes spanned across 2 CDROMs. Many sources inaccurately state that there is about 2 hours of gameplay but in reality the total running time of the game is only 25 minutes.
Night Trap Night Trap
Night Trap Night Trap
Night Trap Night Trap
Night Trap Night Trap
Night Trap Night Trap
Night Trap Night Trap
Night Trap Night Trap
Night Trap Night Trap
Night Trap Night Trap
Night Trap Night Trap


Night Trap was also released on the Panasonic 3DO.

Digital Pictures released several other FMV based games including Ground Zero Texas and Double Switch.

The Mega CD version was re-released in the US for Halloween.

Halloween Edition

Later with the advent of the 32X a slightly upgraded version was released. Whilst the content is exactly the same as the original version this edition sported a larger FMV window with better visuals and cleaner audio.

Night Trap 32X Version

A PC version was also released and this version is the rarest of them all. This has “Directors Cut” embedded in it’s title so presumably there is some extra content.

PC Version


Extra Footage

When the credits have finished scrolling and the words "In Memory of Stephen D Hassenfield" are being displayed, press Up, A, A, A, A, A. You will be shown some footage of the NEMO game system being demoed to a group of Hasbro Executives in 1986.

Misc Tips

Generally you can tell when you have switched to a room where there is activity (or a bin-bag) because the scene will take slightly longer to load.

Complete solution

A complete solution to the game can be found here.


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