Mega Drive / Mega CD Model Gallery

The Sega Mega Drive has probably been the most redesigned, remodeled and re-released console ever. It has had various changes done to it cosmetically and some models are based upon the combination of the Mega Drive and it's add-on CDROM Drive the Mega CD.
Original style Mega Drive

Original Mega Drive

Mega Drive 2

Mega Drive 2

Genesis 3

Genesis Mark III

Original Mega-CD

Original Mega CD


Mega CD 2

Orignal Mega Drive and Mega CD

Orignal Mega Drive and Mega CD with Karaoke Unit

Mega Drive and Mega CD 2

Mega Drive 2 and Mega CD 2

JVC Wondermega

Wondermega. Manufactured by JVC

Multi Mega or CDX

Multimega [Europe] or CDX [US]

Genesis Nomad

Genesis Nomad

Project Neptune

Project Neptune. Combined Mega Drive and 32X. Never Released

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