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The difficulty of the game is upped on this round. Beware of the holes in the floor. These can be useful for the efficient disposal of enemies but you can fall down these and be thrown down them by the punks. This will cost you a life.

An Extra Life can be found midway between two holes.

Just before the boss take a position in the bottom left corner of the screen (like in shot 3). Here if you shoulder throw your enemies off the screen they will fall off a hole in the floor not visible.

Just before the boss will be some enemies with knives. Kill these and leave the knives on the floor ready if you need to throw them at the fat bastards as a last resort before losing a life.

Boss: Fat Burner

These are seriously tricky to kill at times. They make a run diagonally (usually) from one corner of the screen to the other blowing fire. You can only attack them when they are not spewing flames. You can not attack through the flames and getting hit by it will do heavy damage to you. They do not start their flame spewing until you are nearby.

The trick is to get them the instance they appear on the screen which will be in the top-right hand corner for a single player game. These bosses can be particularly tricky to kill if playing with Adam since he does not move about the screen as fast as they do. Blaze is a better choice as her kick is high enough to be able to hit them even if they are blowing flames.

A tip for surviving these is if you are beating up the supporting thug and fatty makes a run at you, do a vault just before he hits. The flames will not hurt you.

When attacking them do not let them move off the screen. Utilise the Unstoppable Combo technique where possible.

You can grab to do close range attack but not throw them. They will fall on you and take about 80% of your energy. Only grab them if they are towards the centre of the screen so you can begin attacking them the instant they get back up.

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