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On this round at times you are attacked in mobs and have to fight up to 10 enemies at once and an extra boss. Plenty of shoulder throws will come in handy for knocking plenty of enemies over.

An additional special attack item can be collected however in a section where 4 of the tougher jugglers come on the screen. [shot]

Midway through the round (on normal mode) you will have to defeat the wrestler boss from Round 3. Same rules apply as before however this time just before an enemy would have dropped a pipe giving you a slight advantage.

Boss: Blaze's x2

The bitches are tough and practise will be needed for the efficient disposal of these. Not only are they difficult to get a hit on but their moves are deadly. They have an annoying flying-spinning kick, can shoulder throw you and back-drop you from which there is no escape.

The trick is to watch the shadows on the floor. If yours and theirs are going to meet then you will probably be hit. If you get thrown be quick with UP + JUMP (C) to land on your feet. There is tighter timing need to land successfully compared to punks throwing you.

Landing a hit on them can be tricky but if you keep your back to them they normally perform a spinning kick. Avoid this, quickly swing around and then smack them one! or perform your characters back punch/kick move. It is also possible to grab them at this point allowing you to do some damage. Perfom a throw/back drop quickly as they can escape holds fast. Beware that the other split-arse is probably coming down at you with a spinning flying kick at this time.

There is also a very brief instance for a single punch or grab when they land from an ordinary jump. This is slightly more difficult when they are landing from one of their kicks.

If you manage to grab them be sure to do as much damage as possible by kneeing them twice before vaulting and then back-dropping. Throwing one at the other using the shoulder throw will help damage both of them.

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