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Underneath the syndicate headquarters where the fight gets much tougher throwing in extra bosses.

An extra life and special attack can be picked up just before the final boss.

The plentiful conveyor belts can be tricky to fight on but the main hazard on this stage is the pressing machinery. The machine will activate when an orange light flashes. [shot] These are triggered by standing next to it just outside the pressing area. Getting hit by this will do some damage. Enemies can also be damaged by this if under them when activated. Be sure to throw as many enemies as possible underneath the presses in the chance they will be damaged by them.

In the middle of this round (on normal mode) you fight the Fat Flamer boss from Round 3. Same technique applies.

Boss: x2 Freddie Kruger’s

These guys pose quite a challenge when in a pair. Attack using the method in round 2 however be aware of the other guy coming to attack you at the same time you are attacking. Use plenty of shoulder throws to knock them both down.

This is not a round you want to play again! ^_*

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Round 6 Round 6 Boss

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