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Onwards and upwards. The whole round takes place on a lift that will lead to the syndicate headquarters.

You remain in the same area for the whole of the Round. Enemies either come from the left side of the screen or from above which just before they drop have a shadow appear on the floor.

There are no special items and no boss to kill.

The real danger here is being thrown off the side by the punks or falling off. This will result in instant death if you do.

You can stand on the right-hand edge, useful for flying kicks into crowds but it’s not advisable as you can easily fall to your doom.

The round can be done more easily by taking position somewhere inside the bottom right-hand corner of the lift and use the shoulder throw to quickly dispense of any enemies. Doing Back-Drops makes them fall through the floor! It does get more tricky to stay here when nearing the top as there are many enemies on screen at times. [shot]

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Round 7 Round 7

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