Sega Virtua Processor

The Sega Virtua Processor was Sega’s answer to the SuperFX chip of the Super Nintendo. Released in 1994 it was designed by Hitachi and did all of the maths required to render polygons.

This allowed the Mega Drive to become a low count polygon cruncher and the first ( and ultimately only) game to use this technology was Virtua Racing - a port of the mega popular arcade machine.

| Specifications |

Command Chip Type

DSP, 1 Command, 1 Clock


23Mhz / 23 MIPS


2KB Instruction Cache RAM Extra DRAM can be installed


Provides 300-500 polygons per second @ 64 colours (?) with 4 interupts


Provides extra 2 channels Pulse Wave Modulation

Data Bus Bandwidth

16-Bits Internal / External

Virtua Racing Virtua Racing Virtua Racing

Other titles were slated to appear using the SVP like Virtua Fighter but the cost of the cartridges containing the extra processor, around £70 for Virtua Racing, meant that the project was abandoned. These titles later appeared on the Mega Drive in a slightly different format. The Mega Drive 32X is generally regarded as a natural extension of the SVP Project.

No emulators have currently built this into their programs so the game is not playable.

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