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Fantasy Zone is another cult classic Sega title. It is a horizontal shooter on an acid trip - is the impression of the game. It was originally an arcade game released in 1989 for the System16 Board.

The conversion to the Master System gave the system ones of itís most remembered titles with itís retina burning bright graphics, bizarre imagery, catchy music and solid gameplay

The game is a minor hit among the fans of shoot em ups and bigger hit for fans of Segaís beloved 8-Bitter.

Fantasy Zone is another title about the receive the 3DAGES treatment with a modern version to be released shortly.


The once peaceful planetary system called the Fantasy Zone has fell into chaos following from the collapse of the interplanetary monetary system. An invading Menon army is taking this opportunity to build a base.

You mission is to destroy the in invading minions and restore order to the Fantasy Zone.


Long ago, far away in space, there existed a "Fantasy Zone" where a courageous hero called Opa-Opa (the player) fought in a valiant cause to rescue the "Fantasy Zone" from its enemies.

In the space year 6216, the interplanetary monetary system collapsed, causing all of the planets to become panic-stricken.

According to an official inquiry made by the space guild, someone is leading the Menon planet forces, using them to steal the foreign currencies of the other planets, and with the funds, construct a huge fortress in the "Fantasy Zone".

To put an end to their ambitious plans, Opa-Opa promptly takes off for the "Fantasy Zone" where....


Opa-Opa (the player) has now destroyed the invading army and restored peace to the "Fantasy Zone".

However, he has mixed emotions because his long lost father was the chief of the enemy forces.

One burning question that will remain with him until his dying days....." Was my victory really worth the price I had to pay ?"



The gameplay for Fantasy Zone is slightly different than that of a typical shooter. Rather than just shooting down everything in a specific stage (although this is done anyway) there is the specific goal of destroying all of the enemy bases.

The screen scrolls left or right where you have to destroy bases, creatures and collect money. You control the hero of the game; Opa-Opa - a little spaceship with wings.

In each round there are a number of bases. These launch smaller creatures which also have to be destroyed. The bases are your primary targets. Upon destroying all of these you then engage the boss of that round. Amongst these other creatures appear on the screen.

The D-pad moves Opa-Opa around the screen. You can scroll the screen left or right. You can walk across the floor by landing. The speed in which you can move around depends on which upgrades you have bought for your ship. By default you are outfitted with small wings which are the slowest.

Buttons 1 fires your primary weapon and 2 fires your secondary/bomb weapon. Your default weapons are twin shot and single bomb.

You onscreen display will show you how much money you have collected as well as the top amount. The weapons that you are currently using are in the centre. The top line (shot for example) will be your primary weapon and the bottom will be what bombs you are carrying.

To the right will be the amount of lives you have represented by little Opaís and the round that you are playing on.

You die when you either touch an enemy or hit by one of their projectiles. Your ship will explode in to a collection of stars that scatter across the screen. Whenever you die you loose any upgrades that you have purchased.

As you destroy enemies and bases they deposit cash. Cash is used in the shop to upgrade your ship with new engines and weapons. Bases leave the most amount of money represented by larger coins. During the course of each round the bases will be worth less as time progresses. Smaller enemies deposit less money and bosses drop the most.

The following coins have these values.

Huge Coin $10000 only seen after round 5
Big Coin $1000
small coin $100

When you collect $2500 in a round the shop will appear. This will be a red floating balloon. The shop icon will float around the screen for a short amount of time before flying off. If this happens you have lost your opportunity for upgrades for that level.

To enter move Opa-Opa onto it. In here you can purchase upgraded weapons and engines as well as extra lives.
Big Wings

Big Wings
Slightly faster than the default small wings.

Jet Engine

Jet Engine
A considerable jump in speed from big wings.

Turbo Engine

Turbo Engine
Quite fast. Probably the best balance between speed and control.

Rocket Engine

Rocket Engine
The fastest but sometimes could be difficult to control.

Wide Beam

Wide Beam
Fires a wide bolt of energy. Not particularly powerful but has a decent range.

Laser Beam

Laser Beam
Fires a highly concentrated beam of energy. Hold down button for continuous fire. Very powerful but limited in range.

7 Way Shot

7-Way Shot
The best weapon. Fires shots 7 directions at once and is pretty powerful especially when all 7 shots are concentrated on one target.

Heavy Bomb

Heavy Bomb
Drops a 16 Tonne weight straight from the top of the screen. Destroys everything in itís path.

Smart Bomb

Smart Bomb
Destroys all enemies on screen except bases in a flash.

Twin Bombs

Twin Bombs
You can drop 2 of your standard bombs instead of one.

Fire Bomb

Fire Bomb
When it hits a target, breaks in to 2 fireballs with scroll in opposite directions across the screen destroying everything it encounters. Good for floor targets.

Extra Life

Extra Life

Weapons such as laser beams will only last for 15 seconds once you go back to the game. If you have bought more than one then a yellow balloon with SEL on it will appear. Here you can reassign your weapons. Useful for kiting yourself out prior to a boss.

Each time you purchase an item in the shop itís price will increase for the next time you want to buy one. Inflation! When you purchase a special bomb, whenever it is used you will default back to single bomb.

When you encounter a boss the screen will darken and the music will change. Each boss is huge in comparison to other enemies and you will not be able to scroll beyond the screen. Each boss has a particular weak spot to target as opposed to just opening fire on it. You will know when you are doing damage as it will change colour. Red indicates it is close to destruction.

After a period if the boss has not been defeated it will lunge towards your from which there is no escape.

When a boss is destroyed it will evaporate into a large collection of coins in which you have a few seconds to collect as many as you can before proceeding onto the next round.

Round 1 - Plaleaf

Round 1 Round 1 Boss of Round 1

Round 2 - Tabas

Round 2 Round 2 Boss of Round 2

Round 3 - La Dune

Round 3 Round 3 Boss of Round 3

Round 4 - Dolimicca

Round 4 Round 4 Boss of Round 4

Round 5 - Polaria

Round 5 Round 5 Boss of Round 5

Round 6 -Mockstar

Round 6 Round 6 Boss of Round 6

Round 7 - Pocarius

Round 7 Round 7 Boss of Round 7

Round 8 - Salfar

Cheats and Tips

Cheap Extra Lives

On the title screen when the story begins to scroll (after all the demos have played), press up and down at least 50 times, 25 in each direction. When you enter the shop you can buy extra lives for $1000 each. You can only buy 2 in Round 1.

If you wait through all the demos, the prologue will come up on the screen. During the prologue, press the D-pad up and down at least 50 times (i.e., at least 25 times in each direction) and start the game. After doing this, the first shop you enter (even if you have reset the game a few times) will offer as many extra lives as you can afford (maximum of nine) for 1,000 apiece. Since you will only be able to buy two in the first round, wait until the second (or third) round to enter the shop, when you will be able to buy all nine.

Infinite Weapons

If you buy all of your engine parts (big wings, jet engine, turbo engine, and rocket engine) then any special weapons you purchase in the shop will never run out

Defeat bosses quicker

If you can time when your weapons will run out so that you have a few seconds against the boss with them this would be useful as any weapon above twinshot is mega powerful in comparison and will make easy work of any bosses.

Easy Defeat Boss in Round 3

This boss can be a little tricky to defeat with just twin shot. The quickest way to defeat him is to buy a heavy bomb, position yourself underneath him and drop. It will eliminate almost all of this laser guns in one shot.

Quick Round 4

In round 4 all of the bases are on the floor. If you buy a Fire Bomb in the shop, deploy it on the floor and walk so that the fireball stays on the screen it will quickly eliminate all of the bases for you.

Other Versions

Fantasy Zone was originally an arcade game released in 1989 based on System 16 Arcade Board and thus it can be played with the System 16 Emulator.

Fantasy Zone on System 16 Fantasy Zone on System 16

Fantasy Zone on System16

Fantasy Zone on System16

The Master System version (this one) was also released for the Game Gear.

This game can also be downloaded as a Java application for mobile phones. Check out this site for more info.


Fantasy Zone 2

This game only appeared for the Master System. Keeps with the basic Fantasy Zone gameplay.

Fantasy Zone 3: The Maze

A Pac-Man style game with the characters from Fantasy Zone.

Super Fantasy Zone

A version of Fantasy Zone also appeared on the Mega Drive entitled Super Fantasy Zone which kept with the same formula but with upgraded graphics etc. This game also sported remixes of the original Fantasy Zone music for some reason.

[Opa-Opa MP3 from Super Fantasy Zone]

In this game the forces of Dark Menon have returned again only this time much stronger.

Sega Ages 2500 Vol 3

A New version of Fantasy Zone is due for release sometime soon under the Sega Ages brand on the Playstation 2. Fantasy Zone on PS2


Perfect. Play it with Dega.


A good Master System fan site with reviews of games. You can find a review of Fantasy Zone here.

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