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Shinobi is another of Segas old school heroes. The character of Shinobi has been synonymous with both Segas arcade and home machines.

Originally Shinobi was released on Segas System 16 Arcade board in 1987, developed by Team Shinobi who also made other classic games like Golden Axe and Streets of Rage.

Shinobi has appeared on every Sega system to date and is still alive today on the Playstation 2 and Gameboy Advance. This version is the Master System conversion of the arcade game.


Shinobi - the name means stealth. It is one of the qualities that you have, learned in a lifetime of training and discipline pass on in your family from father to son over the decades...Ninjutsu.

You are Hoe Musashi, the Master Ninja. Your hands and feet are lethal. With shuriken, sword, nunchaku and other weapons, you are virtually unstoppable.

In addition to being a ninja you are also a deep cover agent for the government and called upon when the nation is at stake.

You are on a mission to battle the Ring of 5; a terrorist organisation of 5 evil Ninjas whos abilities match your own.

The Ring of 5 have captured the children of the worlds leaders and are being held hostage at different locations around the world. Each is guarded by karate thugs, deadly mercenaries and the meanest martial artists in the world.

Your mission is to rescue the hostages and take out the Ring of 5s henchmen and then defeat a leader of the organisation. They have might on their side but prove your skill with shuriken and you will earn Ninja magic to aid you.

You are a master Ninja. Standing against you are the meanest group of terrorists ever to take up guns and martial arts weapons. But you have a secret... Ninja Magic!




Shinobi is an action platformer. You proceed throughout each stage taking out the enemies and rescuing the hostages to eventually reach the exit.

Generally each stage scrolls from left to right with some that progress upwards and downwards also. Before you can leave through the exit you must rescue all of the hostages that are in that level. Each level contains between 5 and 8 amount of children that need to be saved. When rescued you are rewarded with a power-up.

The D-Pad moves Shinobi left and right across the screen. Down is used for crouching and crawling when used in conjunction with walking. Pressing Up is used for leaping to different areas and casting spells.

Button 1 is your shuriken (throwing weapon) and Button 2 is for jumping. You have 2 types of jump. You have your regular jump plus a super jump which allows you to reach other platforms or levels in a stage. This is done by pressing Up and jump. This is an essential part of the game.

Joe Mushashi has two sets of weapons; weapons you can throw (shuriken) for defeating enemies at a distance like ninja stars or bombs and weapons for close range combat like a sword or chain.

At the start of the game your default weapons are a single ninja star and punch or kick. Your weapons are powered up as you rescue more hostages. These are the upgrades to your Shuriken.

Stars 1 - You can fire one Ninja star
Stars 2 - You can fire multiple Ninja stars
Knives - Knives move at double the speed of starts across the screen.
Bombs - Bounce across the floor until they reach an enemy
Bullets - These are the quickest and most powerful.

These are your close combat weapons.

Punch / Kick - Least powerful. Some enemies require two hits to defeat them.
Chain - Makes a satisfying cracking sound.
Sword - Chop chop
Nunchacku - Wrap these around your enemy. Similar to chain.

Other Power-Ups

Shuriken Power Up - See above
Life Up - Increases the size of your energy bar
Life Max - Restores energy to maximum
10,000 Points - extra points
Bonus Stage - Access to the bonus stage. See below

When the game starts you are shown your mission and your location on a map. Each location is a stage. The game has 5 missions in total and all missions except mission 1 has four stages. A successful mission is the defeat of the boss of that mission.

As you enter each mission you will see a coversheet showing the location of the Rings of Five leaders hideout, his name, picture and some writing in Ninja Ryu code. The missions are


The missions page shows screen shots for each stage and boss.

Whenever Joe Mushashi touches and enemy or it hit by a projectile he will some energy. He dies when his energy is depleted. You gain] the game with three lives and every 100,000 points will gain you an extra life.

Bonus Round

The Bonus round is an opportunity to earn magic spells to aid you in your missions.

You move a pair of hands using D-pad left and right across the bottom of the screen. You throw Ninja stars at any Ninjas that come on to the screen and approach the front. You have an infinite amount of stars and for each that you shoot down you will earn 500 points.
Bonus Round Bonus Round Complete Bonus Round Fail

If one should do so you will have lost the round. and are greeted with the message YOU FAILED

By defeating all of the Ninjas you are reward with a spell.1 blue ninja will also race across the screen. By killing him you will receive 2 spells instead of one.

Ninja Magic

Ninja magic gives you many powers. To be able to use it you must first eliminate 10 enemies in the a round. When the leftist tile of your magic collection flashes it means you are able to use Ninja magic. You can carry upto 4 ninja magic tiles in the order that you won them. Ninja Magic

To activate Ninja magic press and hold button 2 and then press button 1. Joe Mushashi will then jump, fire and then call upon the Ninja magic.

In total there are 6 different types of Ninja Magic.

Metal Binding Magic

Metal Binding Magic
Halts the movement of all enemies on screen.


When you use this you will begin to flash. No damage can be done to you.

Eight Hands Magic

Eight Hands Magic
Using this will copy yourself eight times and go on to destroy all enemies on the screen.

Flying Squirrel Magic

Flying Squirrel
Allows you to fly through the air for a short amount of time. Use the D-pad to control the direction of your flight.

Lightening Magic

Lightening strikes and destroys your enemies.

Tornado Magic

Tornado Magic
Creates a whirlwind around Musashi to destroy all enemies in his path.

Cheats and Tips

Level Select

From the title screen press the joypad diagonal down and left together with button 2 and you will be able to select a stage to start from.

Other Versions

The original arcade version is playable using the system 16 arcade emulator.

Shinobi on System 16 Emulator

Shinobi on System16

The games popularity meant that it was ported to many consoles and computers such as the NEC and Commodore Amiga.

A version of Shinobi was also released on the Game Gear.

There was another Shinobi title for the Master System entitled The Cyber Shinobi.

The Mega Drive has received 2 Shinobi sequels; Revenge of Shinobi and Shinobi 3.

Shinobi X was released for the Saturn in 1997.

Shinobi X

Shinobi X - Saturn

Shinobi has recently been released for Playstation 2. Check out its mini-site at


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