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Wonder Boy was created by Westone (formally Escape) and released in the arcades in 1986. It was a fast paced horizontal scroller and essentially a clone of Adventure Island from Hudson. It is also argued that it was a response to Super Mario Bros which was popular at the time.

The port to the Master System was reasonably impressive at the time retaining the arcade look and feel. It was also eventually ported to several computer systems including Amiga and ZX Spectrum.

The Wonder Boy series went on to become a staple of the Master System and Game Gear systems with games also appearing on the Mega Drive. The next title; Wonder Boy in Monsterland marked a distinct change in gameplay style and took the series into Monster World giving the RPG sub-plot and gameplay to the series future titles.

Wonder Boy is generally fondly regarded by most fans. The simple gameplay, cute graphics and the catchy background tune make for a true retro title.



Tom-Tom is a cave boy. His mission is to rescue his girlfriend Tanya from an undefined evil. Wearing minimalist clothing and armed with primitive hammers he braves all terrain’s and dangers to be reunited with his love.

Tanya Tom-Tom's girlfriend

Case Quote

“Brave deep dark forests. Cross endless oceans. Endure arid deserts. All the while, fending off nasty creatures and natural disasters. Until you find her. Until you rescue your girlfriend, Tanya from the clutches of a brutish king.”


Wonder Boy is simple and speedy side-scrolling platformer. The gameplay can become addictive and is complemented by some challenging sections at times. You take Tom-Tom running from left to right across various terrain’s avoiding wild animals and hazards like bottomless pits and wayward boulders. This is essentially repeated on all rounds with increasing levels of difficulty. The round ends when you reach the goal.

Wonder Boy Wonder Boy

Different terrains will bring different dangers in both hazards and creatures. The terrains to be crossed will range from forests, underground, tropics, deserts, waterfall and in the clouds. Some are more dangerous than others. For example, mountainous areas will have random eruptions as a danger and walking on ice makes control more difficult.

Creatures include snakes, scorpions and marauding natives with blue skin! Death will be instant when touching an enemy, any hazards or falling off the screen - or if all vitality is gone.

The D-Pad moves Tom-Tom left and right. Holding a direction will make him walk.

Button 1 is THROW hammers when collected. It is also RUN when held down in combination with the D-Pad.

Button 2 is JUMP. A tap produces a small jump. Used in combination with running makes a larger jump.

As you play, vitality is constantly being drained and you must be aware of it. The drain remains constant but taking damage by running into a rock or similar will loose a few more blocks. When on the red you are in danger. You die when all vitality is gone.

Essential Items

Essential items (hammers, skaeboards, fairy's and mushrooms) are contained in eggs. Walk or run at them to kick and break open. Beware of kicking eggs down holes or into water because they will be lost to you.

Fruit and Vegetables

Fruit and Vegetables - Increase the vitality bar. To collect simply touch them. Some items are worth more points and vitality than others. Honey Jar/Fries/Envelope - will give a bigger increase in vitality.


Hammers - Tom-Tom’s weapons in the game. Use these to kill creatures. You can launch 2 in quick succession.


Skateboard - Tom-Tom gets a skateboard and dons on helmet and knee pads. The main advantage to the skateboard is speed. It can also protect from one collision with a creature or hazard. It does bring a slight difficulty in control. D-Pad FORWARDS accelerates and D-Pad BACKWARDS brakes. Button 2 is JUMP.


Fairy - Invincibility. Walk though enemies and objects whilst the fairy hovers.

Red Mushroom

Red Mushroom - Will make all items collected worth 500 points until you die.

Spotty Egg releases demon

Spotty Eggs - will contain a demon which will drain vitality at a faster rate for a time. Taking damage will be doubly bad with this floating over your head. If you have one still attached when you reach a goal it explodes and returns 1000 points.

Other important items include:

Sega S Extra Points

Sega Letters - 1000 points and a familiar chime.


Doll - In each round will be a doll. You will get 1000 points for collection and 4800 points at the end of a round. Sometimes they are not visible and running into a rock or going off the screen via a spring maybe needed. Once collected it becomes replaced with a red flower worth 500 points if you die and are repeating the round.


Hand Bag/Perfume/Clock/Necklace - sometimes items will leave behind another object of Tanyas. Collecting this leads to a bonus area in the clouds where hearts can be collected for bonus points and a boost in vitality. Collecting the same object again returns to the ground usually with a minor shortcut. If you fall you return to where you collected the ascending item.

Bonus Area

The game consists of 9 areas, each of which contains 4 rounds. Each round will have 4 markers which act as restart points if you die. The 4th round of an area will be a boss encounter.

You will have a limited amount of space in which to defeat a boss. You must aim for the head. As the game progresses the bosses get quicker and need more hits in order to defeat them. Some will have the ability to throw lightening and fireballs. You also earn points for every hit you land on them.

Wonder Boy Boss

At the end of each round bonus points will be given for the amount of remaining vitality. The maximum is 4800. Doll bonus will also be given if collected and rewards again your vitality bonus.

bonus Points

You begin the game with 3 lives. Extra lives can be earned with every 30000 points. The number of lives you have is displayed each time before play.

Upon game over you have unlimited continues. The boss of the current area waddles across the screen while you make your decision.


Wonder Boy has a 2-Player mode which simply allows turn based play of 2 individual players.


Wonder Boy Area 1 Round 1 Wonder Boy Area 1 Round 2
Wonder Boy Area 1 Round 3 Wonder Boy Area 1 Round 4
Wonder Boy Area 2 Round 1 Wonder Boy Area 2 Round 2
Wonder Boy Area 2 Round 3 Wonder Boy Area 2 Round 4
Wonder Boy Area 3 Round 1 Wonder Boy Area 3 Round 2
Wonder Boy Area 3 Round 3 Wonder Boy Area 3 Round 4
Wonder Boy Area 4 Round 1 Wonder Boy Area 4 Round 2
Wonder Boy Area 4 Round 3 Wonder Boy Area 4 Round 4
Wonder Boy Area 5 Round 1 Wonder Boy Area 5 Round 2
Wonder Boy Area 5 Round 3 Wonder Boy Area 5 Round 4
Wonder Boy Area 6 Round 1 Wonder Boy Area 6 Round 2
Wonder Boy Area 6 Round 3 Wonder Boy Area 6 Round 4
Wonder Boy Area 7 Round 1 Wonder Boy Area 7 Round 2
Wonder Boy Area 7 Round 3 Wonder Boy Area 7 Round 4
Wonder Boy Area 8 Round 1 Wonder Boy Area 8 Round 2
Wonder Boy Area 8 Round 3 Wonder Boy Area 8 Round 4
Wonder Boy Area 9 Round 1 Wonder Boy Area 9 Round 2
Wonder Boy Area 9 Round 3 Wonder Boy Area 9 Round 4

Cheats and Tips

Level Select

Press Button 1 x3 times on the title screen. Press Button 2 twice and hold both buttons down. Press UP to change the levels on the opening screen.

Updates and Sequels

The Wonder Boy series went on to have a total of 6 games across Sega’s platforms. Other games were released on other platforms.

This game was also ported to the Game Gear with the post-fixed title "Revenge of Drancon" although this was never explained.

A port was made for mobile phones in 2004.

The original Wonder Boy (this game) has been re-released on Sega Ages 2500 Vol 29: Monster World Complete Collection.

Sega Ages Vol 29 Monster World Complete Collection

Wonder Boy In Monsterland (Super Wonder Boy Super Monster Land)

This game introduced Wonder Boy into Monster World and the RPG style of gameplay though it is fair to say this game has a balance of both.

Wonder Boy must save a village from a mysterious Dragon who has seemingly appeared from nowhere.

This game also goes by the title Super Wonder Boy Super Monsterland.

Wonder Boy In Monsterland Wonder Boy In Monsterland Wonder Boy In Monsterland

Wonder Boy 3: The Dragons Trap

Is a direct sequel to Wonder Boy In Monsterland, and even begins at the last stage of the predecessor. After defeating the Dragon a curse is put upon our hero. He must travel across Monster World in various forms from Lizardman to Hawkman to once again become human.

Wonder Boy III The Dragons Trap Wonder Boy III The Dragons Trap Wonder Boy III The Dragons Trap

Sporting some great graphics and sound this game is considered on of the greatest games on the Master System games ever. It was also ported to the Game Gear.

The Mega Drive title, Wonder Boy in Monster World (Monster World V) was also ported the Master System. Whilst technically an advanced 8-bit game the quality of the port caused some issues.


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