Virtua Fighter 2

After the world-wide success of the groundbreaking game that was Virtua Fighter, Sega’s crack AM2 department deliver the next revolution, in the fighting genre, Virtua Fighter 2.

The game redefined the already solid gameplay with more characters, play modes and new moves with much improved handling and control - VF2 is also credited for creating the next graphical revolution in both the arcades and on the Saturn.

Ultimately VF2 went on to be a world-wide success and became the best selling Saturn title ever as well as one of the most impressive displays of Saturn programming and still holds up today as one of the best technical fighting games there is.

Opening Demo

Virtua Fighter 2 Video
Virtua Fighter 2 Case Scan Virtua Fighter 2 Case Scan

Case Quote
“With over 2000 moves, 2 new characters and a team battle mode, the most eagerly awaited sequel ever is here! Running at twice the speed of the original VF2’s incredibly smooth graphics and fearsome gameplay are set to redefine the boundaries of home entertainment!“

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VF2 was released to the Japanese arcades in 1994 and bought not only an improvement and expansion of the gameplay but also another breakthrough in graphics. Created at the time on Sega’s new Model 2 arcade board (home of other games such as Sega Rally Championship), characters were highly detailed using over double the amount of polygons with better, smoother animation and moved at an ultra smooth 60 frames per second.

News of the port to Saturn came shortly afterwards, almost immediately on the back of the arcade release to much delight of Saturn owners.

The Saturn port of VF2 was first unveiled to the gaming press at the Omacha Toy show in July 1995. The watching audience were stunned by what they saw. Whilst the original VF had been criticised for being buggy and having some loss of graphics, Saturn VF2 was extremely accurate to the impressive arcade version.

The demo showed 2 characters; Pai and Shun performing martial arts moves about an arena running on real Saturn hardware at full screen and 60 frames per second utilising the Saturn’s High resolution mode and all with no slowdown whatsoever.

Before this there was questions and even concerns flying around as to whether the Saturn would be able to handle an arcade port of VF2 due to technical reasons. Yet this demo truly showed off the processing power of Sega’s 32-Bitter in a way that no other game had done.

Adjacent to this was the demonstration of the Saturn Graphics Library (SGL) - A collection of programming libraries designed to assist developers in exploiting the power the Saturn. Until this point the Saturn was notoriously difficult to program for and the quality of software had suffered.

Soon after, and just before Christmas of 95, the home port of VF was released in Japan to much acclaim from critics and gamers alike. The port from the arcade was virtually perfect. Aside from a few graphical compromises (notably the 3d backgrounds were not fully 3D) it moved and more importantly played the same as the coin-op.

It eventually went on to sell over 1.7 million copies world-wide and becoming the Saturn’s best selling game ever. In comparison, the original VF sold around half that figure.

Virtua Fighter 2 still stands as one of the most impressive Saturn titles ever made and considered to be a masterpiece of programming.


A year has passed since the first World Fighting Tournament (Virtua Fighter). Lau Chan emerged the victor. Each fighter who competed gained something. Their limits and shortcomings we made crystal clear. New friendships were made and intense rivalries were created. For all, fighting experience was gained before leaving the arena and going their separate ways.

The time of the second World Fighting Tournament has come and 10 cordial invitations have been issued. Could the sinister Judgement 6 cartel be behind all this? Whatever new moves and techniques these fighters have to try the suspicion is that this time, the states are much higher.

After a year of hard training, Akira Yuki is back eager to try new moves against in a decisive battle with new rival Wolf Hawkfield. Hong Kong film star Pai is back for another chance to defeat her father Lau Chan who returns to defend his title. Jeffry McWild, the Pancratium master fights to preserve his livelihood. The ninja, Kage-Maru is back on both official and family business. He seeks to break the cover and discover the truth behind the syndicate that controls the World Fighting Tournament. Jacky Bryant is on a goal to rescue his brainwashed sister, mentally reprogrammed to destroy him. The first newcomer, master of the Drunken style kung-fu, Shun-Di, a Herbal Doctor, arrives wanting to try his skills against the hottest, youngest fighters in the world, while the second new comer, Tourou-ken expert Lion Rafale, a high-school student, fights for his freedom.

Who will emerge victorious this time?


The gameplay is essentially the same as the original VF. You have to win a number of rounds in a match by means of KO or ring out within a time limit.

VF2 enhances this formula with 2 new characters, plenty of new moves for the returning characters and several new modes of play.

Virtua Fighter 2 Virtua Fighter 2 Knockout!

Virtua Fighter 2

The control system is the same as the original VF utilising the D-pad (or arcade stick) to move your character around the ring with buttons A, B and C. Buttons X, Y and Z can be reassigned for combinations. Different pad layouts can be quickly selected before starting a game. See tips section on how to do this.

Most of the moves are performed the same way as in VF and there are plenty of new ones. There are plenty of move guides available on the net.

As before, on screen will be the energy bars of both characters, the time remaining in the round, how many match points you have won, total play time and the round you are on.


Two new characters have been added to the line-up; Shun-Di and Lion Rafale. This is the order in which they will appear in arcade mode.

Virtua Fighter 2 Characters
Lau Chan

Round 1: Lau Chan

Sarah Bryant

Round 2: Sarah Bryant

Shun Di

Round 3: Shun Di

Pai Face

Round 4: Pai Chan

Lion Rafale

Round 5: Lion Rafale

Jeffry McWild

Round 6: Jeffrey McWild

Kage Maru

Round 7: Kage Maru

Jacky Bryant

Round 8: Jacky Bryant

Wolf Hawkfield

Round 9: Wolf Hawkfield

Akira Yuki

Round 10: Akira Yuki

Dural (Silver)

Bonus Round: Dural

Dural (Gold)


Modes of play

VF2 offers 5 modes of play and a ‘demo’ mode. Each is selected from the title screen.

Arcade Mode

Play all 10 rounds as in the arcade.

During arcade mode you have free play and can continue as many times as you wish., however, you can not select a different character upon a continue.

A second player can interrupt an arcade game at any time. If this happens the game becomes a Vs competition. Once this ends and neither players chooses to continue the Vs mode the arcade game resumes from the round where the challenger entered.

Information and statistics about your performances can be viewed in the Backup Data under Options.

Vs Mode

Play a Vs game against another human player.

Ranking Mode

Benchmark your performance. The game plays through the same as arcade mode but you are given a data sheet on your overall performance.

Expert Mode

Play arcade mode but on an insane difficulty level. Your computer opponent will observe, learn and will counter any moves that you perform.

Team Battle Mode

Play battle tournaments between 2 teams of 5 fighters. Upto 10 players can participate. Rules are simple, the team with the most victories wins. Teams can be Player Vs CPU, Player Vs Player and CPU Vs CPU.

Watch Mode

Watch the game play on it’s own. Good for seeing some of the abilities of the characters.


Pressing X during watch mode allows you to change the camera angle.

Game Options

VF 2 has plenty of options for the gameplay initially. More options for fun are opened up when you have completed the game under the Options + page.

Movements between the pages of options are done with the LEFT-SHIFT and RIGHT-SHIFT.

All data; records, expert mode learning and options settings require 180 blocks of internal memory in total.


Life Gauge - increase or decrease the energy of each fighter. There is also a NO DAMAGE option to make an invincible fighter. This does not protect you from ring outs.

Match Point - how many points are needed to win a match

Time Limit - the time limit of each round between 10 and 60 seconds with the choice of NO LIMIT.

Continue - Toggle continues (arcade and expert modes) ON or OFF. You continue from where you lost the match. You can not select a different character. Turned OFF you return to the title screen.

Enemy Level - the difficulty of the game (arcade mode). Choices are EASY, NORMAL and HARD.

Learning - For expert mode only. Allows the computer to learn and adapt to how you fight.

Button Reassignment - Manually reassign the functions of the buttons on the controllers. Useful for assigning combinations for buttons X, Y and Z to perform more advanced moves.

If 2 controllers are plugged in both must be set before exiting.

Backup Data - View all of the stored stats on the fighters. You can view:

Vs Records - Shows wins and losses for each player calculated into a percentage

Time Records - Shows the times for each fighter

Ranking Records - Shows the ranking for each fighter

Learning Data - You can only delete the data for each fighter.

Data can be cleared by pressing LEFT-SHIFT+X+Y+Z.

Selecting DEFAULT resets all options to their default settings.

More Options

Version - Select between Version 2.0 or Version 2.1. More information is below

Sound Mode - Stereo or Mono sound

BGM Mode - ORIGINAL uses music from the arcade machine and REMIXED are special Saturn only remixes.

Sound Tests (Sound, Voice and Music) - Play the various audio components in the game.

Options +

These are unlocked after you have completed the game. This can be done on any difficulty level.

Stage Select - Select a stage to play on. Dural stage is also included

Stage Size - Choices and 4, 8, 14 and 42 metres in size

Replay Time - How long replays last. Select between 3 seconds, 6 seconds, the entire set or NO REPLAY.

BGM Volume - Select between 1 and 5. 5 = Loudest.

Slow Mode: On or Off. Play the game in slow motion (except for Ranking Mode). A slow motion game always takes place on Dural’s underwater stage.


The Saturn conversion includes the Version 2.1 update from the Japanese arcades which you can activate via the More Options page.

This update has several tweaks to the gameplay. The changes are as follows:


View More Screenshots


Play as Dural

At the character select screen press DOWN, UP, RIGHT, LEFT+A.

Play as Gold Dural

At the character select screen press DOWN, UP, LEFT, RIGHT+A.

Change Character Costume

On the character select screen press UP just before selecting your character.

Slow Replays

How down A+B+C during the Knock Out Replays

Choose Victory Pose

During the knock out replay hold down either A, B or C to manually select a victory pose.

Quickly Change control pad layout

On the character select screen hold either LEFT-SHIFT or RIGHT-SHIFT and use D-Pad LEFT or RIGHT to select a pad layout.

Remove “Pause” label

Pause the game press X+Y+Z to get a clear screen.

Sarah VF1 Music

Just before the match begins hold RIGHT-SHIFT on Controller 1.

Jacky VF1 Music

Just before the match begins hold RIGHT-SHIFT on Controller 2.

Chicago Stage for Jacky and Sarah

Play the game as either character. When they encounter each other the stage will be a street scene. Look for the Sonic painted on the wall!

Alternative costumes in game demos

Change the version of the game to 2.1 in the Options.

Moves for Dural

Jeffry’s Teleport

To perform this move select Jeffry and Shun. Make Shun sit down, then do Jeffry’s semi power bomb move. He can teleport to Shun from any distance.

Secret Dural Movie

Immediately after defeating Dural in Arcade/Expert mode, hold Up + X + Y + Z for a cool movie.

Complete the game on hard mode with no losses and all knockouts.

Dancing Pai - Shake it baby!

Select Pai. When she smiles hold LEFT-SHIFT+RIGHT-SHIFT. As the round begins and the announcer says “fight” release them.

Watch the Credits

During the opening demo hold down all 6 buttons A+B+C+X+Y+Z.

VF2 with Stunner

Boot VF2 with the Stunner game gun in controller port 2 to hear the old VF tune as opposed to VF2.

Slow Motion Name Entry

After you have completed the game, just before the name entry screen hold LEFT-SHIFT+RIGHT-SHIFT.

Fight the Name Entry Character (Shun Di)

After you have completed the game, just before the name entry screen hold A+Z+UP. The alphabet letter will attack as Shun-Di.

Fight the Name Entry Character (Dural)

After you have completed the game, just before the name entry screen hold X+Y+Z+LEFT-SHIFT+RIGHT-SHIFT. The alphabet character will attack as Dural.


Arcade Version

Graphically the arcade version is ahead of the Saturn due to the extra power of the Model 2 board. It features 3D backgrounds for extra depth.

Virtua Fighter 2 Coin-Op
Virtua Fighter 2 Arcade Virtua Fighter 2 Arcade

Eventually the Model 2 board became one of Sega’s most successful arcade boards ever hosting titles such as Virtua Cop and Sega Rally. For more details about the specs checkout

PC Version

The PC version of Virtua Fighter 2 was released in 1996. It is still available today under the Xplosiv brand and can be bought for less than £5.

It is also a faithful conversion of the arcade game if even playing on a keyboard can be tricky.

Virtua Fighter 2 (PC)

Mega Drive Version

A 2D version was created for the Mega Drive/Genesis in 1996. Some of the arcade graphics were recreated in basic form and includes some sound samples. Strangelly the 2 new characters; Shun and Lion, have been excluded from this version.

Virtua Fighter 2 (Mega Drive/Genesis) Virtua Fighter 2 (Mega Drive/Genesis) Virtua Fighter 2 (Mega Drive/Genesis)

Sega Ages

Virtua Fighter 2 has been revived under the Sega Ages 2500 brand with Vol 16.

Virtua Fighter 2 (Sega Ages) Virtua Fighter 2 (Sega Ages)

Reviews suggest that the original Saturn version is still better home version if you are not privileged enough to have access to the actual arcade machine.


The direct sequel was Virtua Fighter 3. This was released in the arcades in 1996. This was quickly followed by Virtua Fighter 3tb released in 1997 which was also ported to the Dreamcast as a launch title.

Virtua Fighter 3

Before VF3 the cast of VF2 appeared in Virtua Fighter Kids and Fighters Megamix which also featured characters from Fighting Vipers. Both titles were released on the Saturn.

Virtua Fighter Kids
Virtua Fighter Kids Fighters Megamix Fighting Vipers (Saturn)

Click on the screenshots for more info each game.

Checkout the Virtua Fighter Page for more information on the other games in the Virtua Fighter Series.


Move List at Gamefaqs

Very good resource for the moves of the characters in the game.

Virtua Fighter 2 for PS2 (Sega Ages 2500)

Review of the Japanese version

With videos


Arcade version - This game can not be played by the emulators at present.

Saturn version - Nothing playable at this time

Mega Drive version - Perfectly emulated with Kega Fusion, Gens and Gens32.



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