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2001 saw Sega make the decision to go multi-platform. Since then Sonic has gone to several more platforms in various forms. It was the release of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle on the Gamecube that paved the way for future endeavours.

The 3D adventures appear on consoles such as Gamecube whilst 2D titles have made their home on the Gameboy Advance and DS.

Sonic games have also has made it to mobile platforms including the original Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic 2.

Sonics future still seems bright.

Sonic Adventure DX Sonic Adventure 2 Battle

Sonic Adventure DX
Nintendo Gamecube and PC

Sonic Adventure 2 Battle
Nintendo Gamecube

An upgraded version of the Dreamcast original and in the inclusion of 8-bit adventures.

Sonic Mega Collection Sonic Mega Collection

Sonic Mega Collection
Nintendo Gamecube

Sonic Mega Collection Plus
Xbox, PC and PS2

A fine collection of 7 classic 16-bit titles and material for the fans.

Offering improvements in the emulation and different material as well as 6 Game Gear titles.

Sonic Gems Collection Sonic Heroes Feature

Sonic Gems Collection
Nintendo Gamecube and PS2

Sonic Heroes
Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube, PC and PS2

Another compilation featuring some rarer titles. This release finally brings cult classic such as Sonic CD (with some controversy) to a much wider audience. Also includes the collection of Game Gear titles.

Sonic has his first multi-platform debut!

Shadow The Hedgehog Sonic Rush

Shadow The Hedgehog
Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube and PS2

Sonic Rush
Nintendo DS

Shadow gets an adventure of his own to learn about his own existence. Is he the hero or villain? You decide.

Sonic arrives on the Nintendo DS and in style!

Sonic Riders Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic Riders
Xbox, Nintendo Gamecube, PS2 and PC

Sonic The Hedgehog
X Box 360 and PS3

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1 Sonic Generations

Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode 1

Sonic Generations

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