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Sega's new multi-platform strategy sees the struggling company debuting alongside Nintendo's latest machine - the Gamecube and with it possibly the best Sonic game of the 3D generation; Sonic Adventure 2.

Coming 6 months from the original release on the Dreamcast it was an enhanced port featuring several enhancements and a revamped Battle mode and thus the game was subsequently termed Sonic Adventure 2: Battle.

The game was under a certain amount of pressure to succeed. A failure would not only have damaged Sega's new 3rd party strategy but potentially future Sonic titles.

Fortunately the game proved a hit and ultimately to be the most popular Sonic title on the system proving a stable platform for future developments.

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Sonic Adventure 2: Battle for the most part is the same as the Dreamcast version adding significant enhancements to the versus modes and Chao modes.

The complete package itself benefits from several enhancements from the Gamecube's more powerful hardware allowing smoother, richer visuals and more graphical activity occurring with support for 480P on compatible tvs and with much shorter loading times.

Sonic and Shadow


Top of the list of improvements (and where the game subsequently got its title) is the expansion of the 2 Player versus modes.

Characters that were hidden in the Dreamcast version are instantly available along with their abilities and some more lines of dialogue.

More stages are available to play with a wider variety of options to choose from including a time limit and handicap settings.

Battles also run very smoothly, benefiting from the extra power the Cube has keeping pace at a super smooth 60 frames.

There are 3 types of battle:

Action Race - High speed race in the style of Sonic/Shadow. First to the goal wins.

Treasure Hunt - An emerald shards hunt in the style of Knuckles/Rouge. Best of 3 wins.

Shooting Battle - A death match in the style of Tails/Eggman. Last vehicle standing wins.

Other methods of competition can be had via Kart Racing which has 3 tracks and 6 playable characters. Each character has a secret kart that can be unlocked by opening every story mode mission for the character in question.

Action Race Action Race Action Race Treasure Hunt Kart Race Shooting Race Shooting Battle Shooting Battle


Further confrontations can be had via the entities that are the Chaos and their activities of Chao Racing, Chao Karate.

Chao Racing has a new diversion in the stadium to better exploit your Chao's skills. Chao Karate is more like Sumo wrestling where the objective is to push the adversary out of the ring. An alternative is to simply beat them up until tears flow.

Obviously you can not transfer a Chao to a VMU like in the good old days. Instead the blue critters can be sent to a Gameboy Advance (presuming you have a copy of Sonic Advance) and a link up cable. The Chao can be raised on the GBA in the Chao no Puchi Garden (Chao's Petit Garden)

Chao's and items can move between the GC and the GBA but the Puchi Garden will only hold one Chao at a time.

Infact, SA2B was the first game to utilise the Gameboy Advance connectivity of the Game Cube.

Chao Ranching system has also been expanded.


As well as extra features, tweaks were made to the overall story mode (main game). These do not alter the game in any way but are welcome enhancements.

City Escape

As well as the odd graphical tweak here and there (for example, its now raining in White Jungle) one or two minute modifications have been made to level design and each stage generally has more background activity happening with Sonic Team managing to plug their other titles on various banners throughout the game.

Knuckles and Rouge have a extra hint displayed when they are literally on-top of an Emerald fragment. A red exclamation mark with appear over their heads. This helps greatly with pieces that are under the surface requiring a dig.

There are still 180 Emblems to be collected. Their distribution has been tweaked. Only 9 emblems can be earned via Chao Farming with 4 of these now relocated to Chao Karate.

The missing Emblem has been moved to Cannons Core. To get this you must now achieve an A in all of the 5 missions of Cannons Core. Luckily this is easier to do than in the DC version.

All traces to Big The Cat are gone. He's been totally erased from the game; cameos in Action Stages, Battle modes..everything.

None of the downloadable content that was possible on the Dreamcast via the internet has been included and the game has no download abilities.


Hidden Menu Theme

A theme menu with the presidents secretary can be unlocked by opening the theme selection screen and rotating the D-Pad 360o 30 times.

Clean Pause

With the game paused press X and Y simultaneously.


UK TV Advert (Youtube)

The European advert.


This is the offical soundtrack to the game. You can buy it from places like Amazon.

01 - It Doesn't Matter...theme of sonic
02 - event: Lets Make It!
03 - Escape From The escape
04 - Vengence Is Mine...radical highway
05 - Lovely Gate 3...egg quarters
06 - Unknown From M.E...theme of knuckles
07 - This Way Out...prison lane
08 - I'm A hall
09 - That's The Way I Like It...metal harbour
10 - Rhythm And Balance...white jungle
11 - Won’t Stop, Just Go! forest
12 - E.G.G.M.A.N...theme of eggman
13 - Dive Into Mellow...aquatic mine
14 - Rumbling HWY...mission street
15 - Fly In The Freedom...theme of rouge
16 - advertise: the groove
17 - Space Trip Steps...meteor herd
18 - Soarin' Over The Space...cosmic wall
19 - Believe In Myself...theme of tails
20 - Highway In The rush
21 - Throw It All Away...theme of shadow
22 - Deep Inside Of...cannon's core #3
23 - Supporting Me...biolizard
24 - event: The Last Scene
25 - Live & Learn...main theme of SA2
26 - Chao Race Extended Remix [Chaos Doki-Doki Banana Chips Run Mix]

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