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After the initial shock of Sonic appearing on Nintendo platforms had worn off Sega decide to give Nintendo doers and hopefully a different generation of gamers a chance to experience Sonic during his best era. Following on from the successful release of Sonic Adventure 2 Battle several months earlier Sonic Mega Collection consists of all of Sonic's Mega Drive outings with a helping of Sonic related material for the fans.

This is the second compilation of Sonic games to appear. The first was Sonic Jam released on the Saturn in 1997.

Sonic Mega Collection Case Sonic Mega Collection Case


Sonic Mega Collection has enough games to keep Sonic gamers who have never played any of the classics happy for quite a time especially if each game is completed fully.

As for fans who already know these games inside out already there is not much to be found other than the extra material.

For more info on the Sonic games in the collection click on the title screens to be taken to the respective pages.

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Sonic The Hedgehog

Sonic The Hedgehog - Playable by default

The original and some say the best. This is how Sonic was presented to the world in 1991.

This compilation has the 3 versions of this game. The default version that you play is the tweaked Japanese release. The cheat to switch between the versions is detailed below.

Sonic The Hedgehog 2

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 - Playable by default

The sequel which had the gaming world going crazy. This game introduced the character of Miles ĎTailsí Prower and Sonic could become Super Sonic with all the Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic The Hedgehog 3

Sonic The Hedgehog 3 - Playable by default

The 3rd instalment in the Sonic line. Perfect emulation of the Mega Drive save state functions too.

Sonic and Knuckles

Sonic and Knuckles - Playable by default

This is the game in itís raw form. Play as either Sonic or Knuckles in this adventure. The locked-on versions e.g Sonic 3 and Knuckles must be unlocked.

Blue Spheres (Sonic 1 and Knuckles)

Blue Spheres - Unlockable

Play through a multitude of generated Sonic 3 Special Stages.

Sonic 2 and Knuckles

Sonic 2 and Knuckles - Unlockable

Play Sonic 2 with Knuckles. Collect all the Chaos Emeralds to become Super Knuckles.

Sonic 3 and Knuckles

Sonic 3 and Knuckles - Unlockable

Possibly the ultimate Sonic adventure; 3 playable characters both super and hyper, 26 acts in 13 zones with 14 special stages and 3 bonus rounds with different endings on offer.

Sonic Spinball

Sonic Spinball - Playable by default

Sega of Americaís spin-off title. You infiltrate Robotnikís Veg-O-Fortress embedded inside an active volcano and protected by a pinball style defence system.

Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine

Dr Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine - Playable by default

The Puyo Puyo clone. Play against Dr Robotinikís works drones. Does get quite challenging on the last few rounds.

Sonic 3D Blast Flickies Island

Sonic 3D Blast Flickies Island - Playable by default

Sonicís first foray into 3D and last Mega Drive title. This game was not created directly by Sonic Team and was also released on the Saturn.

This game actually seems to have improved slightly with the use of the analogue stick on the Cubeís controller.


Flicky - Unlockable

This is a port of an arcade game from 1984. You control Flicky , a blue bird saving his/her friends from hungry house cats.

This games link to the Sonic universe is via the Flicky birds in Sonic 3D.


Ristar - Unlockable

One of the Mega Driveís later titles released in 1995 and a cult favourite platformer.

Ristar is on a mission to save a solar system being terrorised by an evil force. He under some pressure as the planetary hero has already been captured.

Itís connection to Sonic stardom is through Ristarís designer Yuji Uekawa who was involved with some of Sonicís animation in later titles.

Not a bad addition to the collection.

Each game in the collection plays exactly as itís Mega Drive original and the controls (for Sonic games) fit extremely well with the layout of the Game Cube controller. A nice touch is being able to use either the analogue or the D-pad. At any time during play the Z button on the Cubeís controller will pull up a menu allowing you to quit or return to the title screen of the game.
Sonic 2 Manual

Instruction manuals for each game are the US versions in digital format and can be moved about and zoomed in on screen if you really want to. These can be accessed by pressing X when selecting a game to play.

Sonic Comic Scans

Scans of cover art for Archie Sonic Comics issues #1-100, Knuckles Comic issues 1#-32, Super Sonic Specials #1-15,

Some character art from the newer era of Sonic Adventure and Sonic Advance

Sonic Movies

Sonic CD Opening and closing movies full screen, full animation and clean soundtrack as they were meant to be seen. These are the remixed US ďSonic BoomĒ version by Spencer Neilsen.

Adverts for Sonic Adventure 2 Battle and Sonic Advance 2

A mock history video showing some Sonic games which eventually becomes another Sonic Adventure 2 Battle advert.

The collection has very few options open to the player. These are the usual stereo/mono switch, controller configuration, language and being able to view the credits.


From a technical viewpoint the emulation of the Mega Drive is extremely accurate. The company behind the program is VR-1 of Japan. Some sound effects can be scratchy at times but this would only be noticeable to the trained ear.

The fan related material that wraps up the whole collection is a little thin to say the least and makes the collection pale in comparison to Sonic Jam. One would assume that most of the content in that game would have been automatically included. The dropping of Sonic World from Sonic Jam could be excused though.

Again Sonic CD has not been included. The official line from Sega on this subject is that Mega CD emulation is too complicated to achieve. People with PCís and X Boxes will contest that it is certainly possible to play this game via emulation. In reality the most probable reason it is continuously pushed aside is Sonic Team leader Yuji Naka has no particular love for the title since it was not created by his team.

Another cult favourite of Sonic fans would have been Sonic Fighters from the Model 2 arcade machine. Emulation of this has not yet been achieved but considering Sega made the machine they may have been able to do it if they had tried. A port would have been nice and really brought something to the collection. Even just a movie as most non-Sonic fans would not even be aware of itís existence would have been interesting to see.


For each of the Sonic games the cheats are the same as their original Mega Drive counterparts. Check out the pages for each game for the cheats. You will have to perform some slight button translation - that is you have not changed the button config in Mega Collection.


Mega Drive







Unlocking The Extra Games

Unlock Blue Spheres Game (Sonic 1 and Knuckles)

To unlock the Blue Spheres game load Sonic The Hedgehog and Sonic 3D Blast 20 times each.

If you are a real Sonic Team fan and have data for either Sonic Adventure DX or Phantasy Star Online Episode 1 or 2 then this is unlocked automatically.

Unlock Sonic 2 and Knuckles

Loading Sonic The Hedgehog 2 and Sonic Spinball 20 times unlocks Sonic The Hedgehog 2 connected to Sonic and Knuckles.

Unlock Sonic 3 and Knuckles

Load Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Sonic and Knuckles 20 times each to unlock the massive Sonic 3 and Knuckles.

Unlock Flicky

Flicky becomes unlocked when Dr Robotnikís Mean Bean Machine has been loaded 30 times. If you have Sonic Adventure 2 Battle data on your memory card the game is unlocked automatically.

Unlock Ristar

Ristar is unlocked when all 11 games have been loaded 20 times each.

Different versions of Sonic The Hedgehog (1)

The PAL version of Mega Collection supports the 60Hz option which allows the game to be played at full screen at its original speed but allows either the US/EUR or Japanese Ver 2 iterations to be played. The default version of loaded is the tweaked Japanese original. If the 50Hz mode is selected the cheat no longer works and only the PAL (US/EUR) version can be played.

The differences between this and the first US/EUR and Japanese release is a few graphical effects - mostly moving clouds and rippling water.

To play the earlier US Version of the game select the screen for Sonic The Hedgehog. Press Up, Z, Down, Z, Left, Z, Right Z. A sound will play and 'US' will appear next to the screenshot.

The play the bug fixed Japanese version select the screen for Sonic The Hedgehog and press Z,Z,Z,Z,Z,Z,Z,Z,Z, Up, Down, Left, Right. Next to the screen shot will be JP2.

The last Japanese version 2 fixes the well known spike bug where Sonic continues to take damage on spikes even when heís flashing which you will most likely encounter in Green Hill Zone.


The Japanese version of Sonic Mega Collection has 2 additional games over the European version. These are Comix Zone and The Ooze.
Comix Zone The Ooze

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