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A few months after Sonic appeared on the Mega Drive and being Segas mascot, the 8-Bit versions soon followed. First the game was released on Game Gear and then Master System. In Europe they were released at the same time. The game is loosly based upon the 16-Bit version but the detail of the levels and the size of them were scaled down obviously because of the less powerful hardware but the Sonic gene was more or less replicated successfully.


South Island is where the game takes place. High up in the mountains Robotnik has set up his Sky Base equipped with the a giant cannon which he no doubt use to fulfil his aims. Loads of your animal pals have been captured have turned into robotic work drones. It's now your job to save the South Island from Robotnik and save your friends.


The gameplay remains the same as the 16-Bit versions. Run from left to right collecting rings, breaking open monitors and ridding the landscapes of Robotnik's mechanic drones releasing your animal pals. Controls are the same, running and jumping. Pressing left and right on the D-pad moves Sonic left or right. Holding up or down for a short while makes the screen scroll on a small amount. Any of the buttons makes Sonic jump. Sonic can also roll by pressing down on the D-pad when moving. To attack enemies you can jump on them or roll at them. Some have spikes on them making rolling the only way to destroy them. If you are hit by an enemy you will loose all your rings. If you get hit whilst carrying no rings you die.

Special Items available for collection are -

  • ring monitors - gives you 10 rings

  • invincibility - makes you invincable for a short amount of time

  • shield - protect you against one hit

  • speed boots - gives you a speed boost for a short amount of time.#

  • restart monitor. a monitor with an arrow. Hit this and should you die you will start back here.

Unlike the Mega Drive version there is more emphasis on finding the hidden goodies through out the levels. This is mostly extra lives but the collection of the Chaos Emeralds is not through a special stage. The emeralds are scattered through out the levels.

The end of each level is marked with a Sonic sign which spins up on the screen and lands with a picture which usually gives a reward.

  • ring - gives you 10 rings

  • Sonic - an extra life

  • Robotnik - nothing.

  • exclamation mark ! - if you have 50 rings or above you will be transported to the special stage.

Each zone consists of 3 acts; 2 are full sized levels while act 3 is an encounter with Robotnik and one of this inventions. Each Act is introcudced with a map showing your route and progress through the game. There is a time limit for completeing each act. This is 10 minutes. Go over this and its a life lost. When a stage is completed your score is updated with time and ring bonuses. You will earn 100 points for every ring you have and the time bonus depends on how fast you completed the act.

The Special Stage puts you inside a pinball machine where rings, continues and extra lives are up for grabs. There is a time limit of 50 seconds. The goal is to simply make it to the exit before the time runs out. If you don't make it to the exit in time you loose everything that you have collected.


The Master System and Game Gear version of Sonic the Hedgehog are the most graphically pretty basic but still looks good for 8-Bit. The speed of the game is pretty good although the very few areas to collect the speed boots are a little disappointing.

The graphics are ok for 8-Bit but they do flow very well. The foreground scolls very smoothly and even when moving fast there is no slowdown.The only niggle would be the enemy sprites are very small.

The music are orignal scores with only the background to Green Hill Zone being a scaled down version of the Mega Drive version. The rest are catchy little numbers. The sound fx are faily standard for 8-Bit.

The main differences between the Master System and the Game Gear versions are a few of the massive "leap of faith jumps" were taken out and the action takes place with Sonic up closer to the camera because of the size of the Game Gears screen. Apart from that the game is identical.

Sonic made it to 8-Bit pretty well in this instance. The action is not as intense but the gameplay formula is intact with a slight more emphasis on exporation for the collectio of the Chaos Emeralds. Sonic on Master System and Game Gear is a must and those people who had Sonic built into their Master System they know what I'm on about.

Cheats and Tips

Collecting the Chaos Emeralds

Green Hill Zone Act 2 - When you come to an upward facing with a palm tree on the right, dont jump on it continue into the cave instead. Kill the two crabs by rolling at them walk left and then drop down the water fall. The emerald is on the right.

Bridge Zone Act 1 - Just before the second collapsing bridge is a spring. The emerald is underneath. Stand on the first section. As it falls push left to get the emerald.

Jungle Zone Act 1 - At the second water fall jump on the log and wait until you touch the water. Jump to the left. You land on a platform. Walk left off of the platform to land on a log. The log moves in the direction you run. Head left until you reach a platform with the emerald. Get back on the log and head right. By continuing right you can shortcut most of the act.

Labyrinth Zone Act 2 - At the end of the level collect the invincibility and rush towards the end of the act. Just before the end is a set of spikes with the Chaos Emerald inside. If youre quick you will have time to grab it.

Scrap Brain Zone Act 2 - When you come to the corridor with the choice to go either up or down choose to go up. When you reach the top jump across the gaps. Drop down the last gap and walk right to the bottom. Use the transport pad to take you to the room with the Chaos Emerald.

Sky Base Zone Act 2 - When you have collected the extra life look to the right and you should see another platform. Jump across and follow the connecting platforms. They carry you to the Chaos Emerald. After you have collected it walk through the chain to continue the level.

Locating Extra Lives

Green Hill Zone Act 1 - After the first set of spikes, walk right till you come to a palm tree next to next rings. Hidden in the palm tree is the extra life. Stand under the leaves of the tree and jump. The extra life will fall down.

Green Hill Zone Act 2 - When you first touch water underground, push left until you walk into a wall. Jump holding left on the D-pad. You go through the wall into a room with the extra life.

Green Hill Zone Act 3 - Jump the first set of spikes and fall down the second. Walk right and you come to the extra life.

Bridge Zone Act 1 - When you arrive at the second see-saw with the weight on one side. Wait while you build height and push right till you land on another higher platform with the extra life on it.

Bridge Zone Act 2 - After the first arrow box there is a short bridge. Walk to the edge and fall off. The extra life will be floating in the water.

Bridge Zone Act 3 - Walk left immediately when the level begins.

Jungle Zone Act 1 - The extra life can be seen under the water. Fall, but to get to it you must land on the platform below the extra life. Drop onto the next platform along and jump up one place. Turn left and jump across twice to find the extra life.

Jungle Zone Act 2 - You find the life by completing the act. Beware there is a spring behind the extra life.

Jungle Zone Act 3 - Jump onto the first vine and walk off the edge into the water. There is a hidden extra life, but dont walk past it otherwise you fall off the edge and die.

Labyrinth Zone Act 1 - When you leave the water for the last time there is a 10 rings monitor. To the left of the monitor is a button. Pressing this will make the 10 rings turn into an extra life.

Labyrinth Zone Act 2 - When you reach the first air supply, walk left and drop down. Shoot when you touch the bottom, walk left and you find the extra life.

Labyrinth Zone Act 3 - Jump on the spring. When you hit the roof push left and land on the platform. Jump past all the spikes and you come to the extra life.

Scrap Brain Zone Act 1 - When you reach the conveyor belts, the second one has the extra life on it. You have to get this quickly as it soon rolls off the edge. Be sure not to fall off either.

Scrap Brain Zone Act 2 - When you come to a choice of either up and down with the extra life to your left, choose down. Then walk right, off the edge. When you touch the bottom, there is a choice of two transport pads. Choose the one on the left. Youre transported to the room containing the extra life.

Scrap Brain Zone Act 3 - On the right of the first conveyor is a spring. Jump up and go right. Jump on the next spring and continue right and drop down the hole at the bottom. On the left theres the room containing the extra life.

Sky Base Zone Act 1 - When you come to a gun that fires in a north-westerly direction, you find 9 rings on a platform (just to the right of the gun). Walk right but dont jump up to the platform, just fall and you should land on the extra life.

Sky Base Zone Act 2 - At the start of the level do not climb the ladder. Walk to your left until you come to the end of the platform. Drop off the edge and you land on a black and yellow platform. This carries you under the airship. As soon as you see another platform, jump on it. It takes you to a ladder. Climb this and at the top there is an extra life.


You can download the tunes in the game in MP3 format on the Soundtrack Page.

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