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Sonic hype is currently in full swing. After the first Sonic game became pretty huge, Sonic 2 was set to be bigger. The Mega Drive version became one of the biggest selling games of all time so both the Master System and Game Gear were to get Sonic 2 also. This time instead of scaled down outing somewhat based on the Mega Drive versions, the 8-Bit version of Sonic 2 was to be a completely original game.


After defeating Robotnik the first time Sonic goes off in search for other adventures around Mobius. Upon his return Sonic's friends, with Tails included, have been kidnapped and are being held to ransom by Robotnik. The payment, the six Chaos Emeralds, if Sonic wants to see his friends again. Tails is being held captive by Dr Robotnik. It's your job to put an end to his plans and get your friends out.


The main Sonic gameplay formula is the same. Run from start to finish usually, left to right, collect rings, objects and destroy Robotniks robots that are scattered throughout the stages. The controls for Sonic are the same as is his speed. Pressing left and right on the D-Pad moves him in that direction, holding up and down scrolls the screen slightly, both buttons are jump and pressing down while running makes you roll. Attack enemies with jumping or rolling and taking a hit means losing your rings. A few litter the screen for a few seconds afterwards. Getting hit with no rings = death.

Sonicís speed remains the same. Sonic 2 introduces some more unique to 8-Bit gameplay elements. From the start Sonic rides in a mine cart and later one the notorious hang glider appears.

The usual Sonic items for collectable during play make a return.

  • Ring - 10 more rings

  • Speed boots - short term speed boost

  • invincibility - makes you invincible for a short amount of time

  • Sonic - extra life

A major improvement in Sonic 2 is the ability to reclaim some of your rings when you have been hit by an enemy. In the previous game they just disappeared with one ring falling off the screen. Now some of them float around but don't expect 70 rings to fill the screen.

The levels themselves are larger than before along with a few more hidden areas for you to uncover along with a minor speed increase and some more action taking place with more enemies.

Like the previous game the levels are completed when a bonus panel located at the end is touched. Depending on the amount of rings you have and how fast you have completed the level you will receive one of the following rewards.

  • Ring - Earns you 10 rings

  • Sonic - Extra Life

  • Tails - Extra Continue

  • Dr Robotnik - Nothing

As before each zone consists of 3 acts; 2 are full sized levels while act 3 is a boss level. As in the previous game your score is then updated with time and ring bonuses depending on how well you performed in the act.

There is no Special Stage to collect the Chaos Emeralds. Like the previous game the Emeralds are scattered through out each other the levels for you to hunt down. These will take a little exploration to find. They are shown by a monitor with an emerald inside.

The Chaos Emeralds allow the entrance to the final Crystal Egg Zone should all have been found. If not, then the game will end after completing Scrambled Egg Zone with the bad ending.

Sonic is the only playable character in this version although Tails does make a few appearances in some pictures.


Sonic 2 only improves on the oirignal slightly but in every department. As the original was a great game Sonic 2 is also. The absence of a Special Stage is a little strange considering the previous game had one.

It is noticeable early on that the game is much more difficult than the original and even itís Mega Drive counterpart. The levels with the hand glider take a little getting used to. The later levels like Scrambled Egg Zone will definitely take a few attempts. The

The graphics have been improved on only slightly. The colours are a little more vivid and the sprites are little more detailed. The levels seems to flow just as fluently despite being more packed.

The music are all original scores with the usual catchy tunes. Most of the sound fx are bought over from the original Sonic.

Overall Sonic 2 is a must have for any Game Gear and Master System collection. If you have ever played the original then itís easy to get straight into. Already having the previous Sonic adventure does not take anything away from itís successor.

Catch up with Sonic when he was at his biggest on Segaís smallest platform.

Cheats and Tips

Level Select

Master System Version

Have a controller plugged into port 2. While the Master System is still switched off hold diagonally up and left and buttons 1 and 2 on control pad 2. Turn on the machine and continue to hold past the intro where Sonic is chasing Robotnik. When the title screen is displayed release and press button 1 on controller 1. The level select appears.

Note:I have never gotten this cheat to work on a Mega Drive using the Power Base Converter even using Master System controllers!

Game Gear Version

At the title screen, press and hold the D-pad down and left, as well as buttons 1 and 2 simultaneously. Continue to hold until the title screen appears. On Tails' third blink, quickly press START while still holding the D-pad, 1, and 2. You should hear a Ring chime if you've done it correctly.

Note: If using the level select cheat to play Crystal Egg Zone, the bad ending of the game would still be shown.

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